5 Things You Need to Know About Cockapoos

5 Things about Cockapoos

This post was kindly submitted to us by Michael Payton from cockapoohq.com.

The growing popularity of Cockapoos means that you probably have a friend, relative or neighbor with a dog of this type. Cockapoos of all colors and sizes are among the most sought-after breeds right now.

Yet, if you are thinking about bringing your own Cockapoo home then you would probably like to know a bit more about them first of all. The following are a few of the main facts about these dogs that you need to know.

They Are Great with Children

Finding a breed that gets along well their children is one of the big concerns for most people. If there are kids in your house then you will want a pooch who becomes their best buddy rather than one they are frightened of or that tries to avoid them.

The good news is that Cockapoos are gentle, easy-going dogs that are among the best types of pet for a young family to have. You can feel confident about letting them spend a lot of time together without any problems.

They get on well with people in general and are best seen as family companion pets that thrive in homes where they receive lots of attention and with things constantly going on around them.

They Love Company

One of the most characteristic traits of Cockapoos is that they love to be around people all the time. This means that they are perfect for anyone who wants to have a four legged friend that is always there for them.

If you are home most of the day then this kind of dog can be a wonderful company to stop you from getting bored or feeling alone. He will never tire of being with you and of playing with you if you give him the chance.

men and his Cockpoos at the beach

On the other hand, if you are out at work all day long then this is probably not the right pet for you. A Cockapoo who is left alone all day long is going to be miserable and may end up being destructive because he gets bored.

They Need a Decent Amount of Exercise

Some dogs love nothing more running their families to a standstill by demanding lots of exercise constantly. On the other hand, others pups are more than happy to sit around all day long without doing much at all.

Cockapoos are somewhere in the middle in this respect, as they enjoy some exercise but aren’t particularly demanding. You will definitely want to take him out to the park or for a good walk every day. After that, a bit of extra exercise will almost always be welcomed.

If you enjoy heading out to hike, to jog, or to swim then a Cockapoo is strong enough and fit enough to keep up with this sort of active lifestyle too.

They Are Reasonably Easy to Train

Not everyone feels confident about training a new pup in their family. Certainly, some breeds are trickier than others to teach the basics too, with the likes of Dalmatians, Chow Chows and Beagles typically viewed as being among the most difficult to teach.

Fortunately, Cockapoos are smart and keen to learn, which makes them reasonably easy to train. You will still need to put plenty of time and effort into it, but you should expect to see signs of progress fairly quickly.

dog on leash

Of course, you should also look to enjoy the experience of showing your new pup valuable skills. Whether you take him to group classes or teach him alone, this should be a terrific bonding experience that you get a huge amount of pleasure out of.

They Are Good with Other Dogs

two Cockapoos lying on the grass

It can be a huge worry when you have a dog that doesn’t get on well with other animals. Every trip outside can be stressful when there is far that he could react aggressively or else could get easily scared.

You won’t have either of these worries with most Cockapoos. These are sociable dogs that love being around other pups and meeting new friends.

If you have other pets at home then you can expect a new Cockapoo to ease himself in without too many problems. These aren’t problematic pooches will upset the balance of a family group when they arrive.


The sweet nature of Cockapoos is something wins the hearts of just about anyone who spends time with one of these dogs. If you want to add a dog to your family then this breed could turn out to be perfect for you.

dog on the beach

This article was written by Mike from www.cockapoohq.com