About Woof Dog

Welcome to our About Us page! We’re glad that you’ve visited our website, and here you’ll be able to get some info about this place – like who is running it and what it stands for.

What’s the Woof Dog?

Most of other websites have short, boring descriptions about who they are – if we would follow their example, our About Us page would look like this:

  • The Woof Dog is an online magazine run by people who want to help the dog owners with the easier navigation in the world of pet ownership. Our focus is to write about the pet technology, dog supplies, and all pet related businesses, and also to write reviews about all kinds of dog products, and especially about the dog grooming supplies.

Now that we’ve moved that out of the way, let’s take a look at the real deal.

What we stand for?

Most of our readers would call this a site about holistic and natural dog care, as well as about alternative canine medicine. We’re writing about proper dog health, raw feeding diets, and all sorts of dog products like doggy treats, grooming tools, and others. You’re the main reason we exist – you, the people who haven’t got enough time to do all that research on their own, and that’s completely fine in our opinion. Who wants to search through dozens of websites only to find info about a particular dog-related product? We’re here to help you!

All in all, the primary purpose of the Woof Dog is to provide with the following information:

  • Comprehensive written and video reviews of the dog-related products
  • Advice on holistic dog health, general dog care, dog grooming, raw feeding and other similar topics
  • Articles on usage of dog products
  • Well-researched lists of the best dog supplies
  • Best current deals on the dog supplies
  • Buyer’s guides
  • News on pet business and technology
  • And our ultimate cause is to help open and fund more rescue centers

All of our dog supplies picks that you can find on the website usually take us a lot of time to research. In most of the cases, we go through dozens of customer reviews, producer’s information, and many other sources so that we can find out what are people thinking about a particular item. In some other cases, we interview canine experts or even film our reviews – in that way, you’ll know who is behind all that text, so make sure to check out our YouTube channel.

While you’re going through our lists, you’ll probably notice that we’re not picking the priciest items to be our Best Choice – and we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree with us that the affordability is just as important as the quality! Remember that all gear and supplies that we recommend are also the things that we would recommend to our families and friends.

But what about your Amazon links?

Okay, you got us. We might have included some Amazon affiliate links in certain articles and lists, but remember that this is our main source of income – we wouldn’t be able to support the website or our main cause otherwise. We’re not getting any money from the dog product manufacturers, which is yet another reason for you to believe that our reviews are honest and unbiased.

When you purchase a certain product through those links, we’re getting a small cut from the Amazon – it’s not much, and won’t cost you anything. If you like our website and want to support it, please buy the items through those links.

You will find these links all over the review pages, as we have to make sure that our website receives something if you purchase a certain product that we have given you the info on. These links do not have any influence on the way we write our reviews – if there’s something bad about a particular item, we won’t hide it – yes, we need the money, but being honest and straightforward with your readers is a far more important thing to us! For all things to be fair and square, remember to read our full disclosure – there, you will find everything you need to know about potential biases, commissions, and compensations.

Also, we’d like to remind you that you can contact us – ask us any questions you might have or give us suggestions for improvement – we’ll certainly read it!