AmazonBasics Metal Dog Cage Review

Feature image for AmazonBasic large cage for dogs

Are you tired of chasing your dog all the time? Do you need a safe enclosure to keep him contained? Pet owners often have issues with restless canines. While locking your pup in a crate might seem cruel and heartless, sometimes you are left with no choice.

But, when it comes to selecting the right cage, many people face a lot of challenges. We want our pups to feel comfortable and relaxed while being jailed. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers share our opinion. So, if you are dealing with a larger breed, then we might have found a solution.

A lot of us turn to Amazon when we need something. But, did you know this retail giant manufacturers pet kennels known as the AmazonBasics? We believe this model will match your preferences and demands, considering it’s best for larger dogs.

The features you might like:

Divider panel – it comes with a divider panel, and it can house two dogs. In this case, you are saving the money and space. If you have smaller pets, then you can secure them inside for a longer time.

Durable – considering it’s made of metal wires AmazonBasics will last you for ages. This cage will provide you durability and sturdiness, which are the main features you should look for when buying a crate.

Plastic pan – AmazonBasics has a plastic pan at the bottom, which facilitates the cleaning process. You can remove the try in a couple of seconds and clean all the mess you pup have made.

The features you might not like:

It is not for aggressive dogs – even though it’s made of metal wires and can contain the majority of breeds, we wouldn’t recommend this product for energetic and vigorous pets. They might be able to break through the fence and get outside. A full steel crate would be a better-suited option for active and unsettled dogs.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

When it comes to quality, this model features the latest manufacturing standards. Regardless of your pet’s size, a sturdy crate is still essential to have. It should provide a commodity, but also keep your furry friend locked inside.

This is why AmasonBasics is made of high-quality steel wire, electro-coated to deter rust. It features round corners, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt from sharp edges.

The bottom utilizes a thick plastic pan that owners can remove in case of an accident. You should be able to clean everything once the tray is out.

The cage is designed to handle the stress of pet ownership, but also to make transportation more comfortable than ever. Considering the wire is coated, you can leave it outside, or bring it with you. It is ideal for traveling and long-term destinations. For safest car travel check CPS Certified Dog Kennel.

Your four-legged friend will feel cozy inside because the enclose provides enough air flow, especially if you are dealing with the anxious dog. In this case, he will maintain the visual contact with surroundings and stay connected with the owner.

Don’t be afraid to leave your pet alone because the AmazonBasics has enough strength to contain him. You will probably have issues with aggressive breeds, but well-mannered pups will have no problems staying inside.

Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate-Construction

The kennel features an excellent locking mechanism, which prevents any escape. It has two side bolt latches on each door, and even the most brilliant dogs will be helpless.

Usually, two-door design models are made for smaller dogs. There have been some cases when dogs’ paws get stuck in the gaps found near the bottom of the cage, but that’s not the case with AmasonBasics.

The unit is created with smaller gaps, to prevent such incidents from happening, so your pet’s paws won’t get caught or trapped inside.

Weights & Dimensions

The enclosure features six different sizes suitable for various breeds. Before you make a purchase, check your dog’s weight and size. The manufacturer provides the following dimensions:

MeasureDimensions (Inch)Crate Weight
X Small22 x 13 x 1612 lbs
Small24 x 18 x 1916.6 lbs
Medium30 x 19 x 2121 lbs
Large36 x 23 x 2526 lbs
X Large42 x 28 x 3039 lbs
XX Large48 x 30 x 3352 lbs

Based on measurements, the model offers enough room for your pooch. He will have a lot of space to play around and stretch his legs. Choosing the right size crate is essential for your dog’s well-being. After all, your pet will spend plenty of time here, so he should have a spacious cage for basic needs.

Keep in mind that some canines have a hard time getting accustomed to the new living environment and cages often make them edgy and stressed out. As an owner, you should provide him with the appropriate conditions and help him overcome this transition period.

The entire unit is quite lightweight, so it’s ideal for traveling and transportation. Within a couple of seconds, you will load the enclosure into a car.

image of Small dog in Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate


Primary MaterialMetal
Primary Material DetailsSteel
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsNo
Frame StructureHard-Sided
Closure TypeLatch
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedYes
Slide-out Tray IncludedYes
Mat/Pad IncludedNo
LocationIndoor/Outdoor use

Having in mind the price, the AmazonBasics is designed to be affordable and to offer excellent features and performance. Whether you have a small apartment, or you live in a house, this product enables easy management and lightweight transportation.

The manufacturers envisioned this model for all age groups. You can quickly fold it in a couple of minutes and store it away.

The AmazonBasics is made of high-quality steel wire which is electro-coated and protects cage from corrosion. All corners are rounded, and they ensure the safety of your pet. The crate is sturdy enough to disable any escape attempts.

In this case, your four-legged friend will be locked and secure. Even if you are dealing with robust and mischievous breeds, you will have no issues in containing them.

With two doors, this enclosure is more versatile than others, and you can use it to house two small or medium pups. The divider panel will help you separate your pets and provide them to have their own space, despite being in the same crate. It features the same elector-coated wire mesh, which creates a non-obstructive wall between your dogs.

Make sure to put only well-mannered dogs that will get along, considering they can hurt each other if you leave them in such a close space for too long.

The bottom tray is excellent for maintaining the hygiene within the crate. Over the time, you might have to replace the pan because some pets tend to chew plastic to get out.

The dog sleeps in Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Is it easy to assemble?

With the record time of five minutes, this metal unit can be set up. The double latches snap into place quickly and easily. Pet owners don’t require additional tools, nor you need some particular experience.

You will get the instruction manual, just follow the guideline. The same goes for folding. You can collapse it flat, store it, or bring it anywhere with you.


The AmasonBasics is ideal for pet parents who want a quality crate with the best prices. This product will offer you great value for the money you are paying.

Constructed from the high-quality materials, this unit will be the perfect cozy retreat for your furry friend. It is available in different sizes, so you can easily find the right match. If you decide to buy this kennel, then you won’t make a mistake because it will offer your dog maximum comfort and peace.