BallReady Review – Fantastic Toy and Food Dispenser

BallReady Review

Are you looking for a self fetching dog toy that’s not only functional but also sports sleek looks? If you are, then the BallReady is a product you were searching for. Manufactured by the company of the same name, this device is one of the best-looking machines of this type on the market, and that’s not the only good thing about it.

It’s a device that combines your standard ball fetch toy with the food-dispensing function, which is pretty innovative and makes the machine stand out from the rest of this type product. It certainly deserves a more in-depth look!

What is the BallReady?

Advertised as one of the most innovative dog ball launchers on the market, the BallReady is a genuine IT convergence product if we’ve ever seen one. Like we mentioned in the intro, the most outstanding characteristic of this product is the so-called “Control Food Release Amount” feature, which allows the owner to get out of the house without the fear of leaving his pet hungry.

Things get even better – this combination of functions can create a Pavlovian response, i.e., the pooch can associate his success in the game of fetch with treats. This will, of course, make the dog love running after the ball, as he knows that he’ll be rewarded for this action. We can already say that we want to see this feature implemented in many other popular models on the market.

Product image of BallReady with box

Other than that, this is a pretty sleek-looking product with easy-to-operate buttons and a huge hole where the dog can put the ball in. It’s already quite popular with the pet parents, and we predict a pretty bright future for it. Let’s check out its primary features.

The Main Features

Dog and girl playing fetch with Ballready

Like we said in the intro, one of the most important things here is the presence of the food dispenser. It’s found on the side of the product, in the form of a big orange plate that allows your pup to eat his favorite treats. The whole food-dispensing feature is easily adjusted. You can set it to either reward your pet for each time he brings the ball back, or set it to automatically give the dog some food in the preferred time intervals.

The machine can also be used outdoors, as it comes with a built-in battery. The owner can set it to shoot the balls to distances of 2 and 5 meters, which is not pretty far but it’s still enough for your canine companion to have loads of fun.

What Comes in the Box?

Unlike the design of the product itself, the packaging that it comes in certainly won’t impress anyone. It’s a simple cardboard box with a big pup face pictured on the front, and with all necessary information written on the sides. Once you open it, you’ll find the following objects inside:

  • BallReady machine
  • One Lithium-ion battery
  • Three standard tennis balls
  • User manual

As you can see, you won’t be getting a lot of accessories along with this machine, but you’ll still receive all that you need to have fun with your pup. Of course, you’ll have to buy the dog food yourself, as well as to recharge the batteries whenever you want to bring the machine to your yard.

How Fido Liked It

During our testing period, it didn’t take long to teach Fido how to use the BallReady. Of course, we had to show him how the whole thing works, as this combination of a ball thrower and a food dispenser was an entirely new thing to him. We really like it that the owner doesn’t have to give the dog treats himself – the machine can do it just as well.

Unfortunately, this is not the greatest choice for the owners of big yards, as the furthest distance to which the BallReady can throw the ball is just 5 meters. But this also makes it ideal for the owners of smaller apartments – you won’t have to worry about broken vases or windows.

This machine is guaranteed to help the dog stay active, but it can also help him maintain a regular diet. Giving undeserved treats could cause your pooch to lose discipline and gain weight, and that’s simply not possible with this machine. It’s a combination of devices that deserves our sincere recommendation!

Settings Buttons of product

Pros and Cons

What We Like

  • Sleek design
  • Food dispenser feature that rewards the dogs with his favorite treats
  • Straightforward controls which are easy to operate with
  • Lithium-ion battery allows outdoors use
  • It doesn’t take to long for the dog to fall in love with it

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can shoot the ball to maximum distance of only 5 meters
  • A combination of devices makes the machine quite pricey

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, this is a brilliant device that can provide your pup with both fun and his favorite food. It removes the need to give treats to your pooch on your own and also allows the owner to get out of the house without the fear of leaving the pup hungry. One can easily set the amount and frequency of treat distribution thanks to the easy-to-operate controls.

info about BallReady

And when we combine this with a sleek design and the ability to use the device outside, we easily get one of the best dog product currently on the market. Like we already said, we hope to see the food dispenser function implemented in other launchers in the future – it’s just that good!