Top 5 Chew Toys for Your Teething Puppy

Puppy Chewing Bone

If you just got yourself a cute puppy like a French Bulldog, German Shepherd, or a Golden Retriever, and you got one that likes to chew, there’s nothing to worry about! Even though there’s an abundance of chewable things you could use, such as the hard rubber items, rawhide chews, or any do-it-yourself dog toys, they don’t last long and will quickly become unusable. That’s why you’ll have to find a dog toy that’s next to indestructible.

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Companies like Nylabone and KONG have been manufacturing such toys for quite some time now. They are offering a plethora of options for the tug toys, plush toys, and all other sorts of items that will provide your pooch with something to chew on, and prevent him from sharpening his teeth on your furniture.

Product ImageNameMain FeatureRatingPrice RangePrice
Small image of kong productKongOffers mental stimulation
Can be filled
with treats
9.9/10$Check on Amazon
small image of Rope productRopeFour different
Durable material
9.8/10$Check on Amazon
product image of NylaboneNylabone StarterThree different
One of them is
9.8/10$Check on Amazon
small product image of Dura toyNylabone DuraNon-toxic
Five different
9.7/10$Check on Amazon
small product image of expawlorerExpawlorerBuilt-in sound generator
natural cotton
9.7/10$$Check on Amazon

Most dog parents are annoyed when their four-legged companions start chewing whatever they manage to get their teeth into, especially when they’re left home alone. That’s precisely why the safe toys for pups are so great – they provide everyone with a much happier solution. They give the curious puppy a good mental simulation (although the ball throwing toys are better in that regard) and also help remove the plaque and tartar from his teeth. The soft chew toys for puppies also ease the stress of separation anxiety, which is yet another great benefit.


It’s crucial to say that chewing is entirely different than teething – each of these two actions requires a distinctive toy for your pet. If you’re an owner of a puppy that’s between 6 and 8 months old, you should pay a visit to your local vet and check out if you’re using appropriate toys. On the other hand, if your puppy is older than that and just can’t stop chewing your poor shoes, have a look at our list of the 5 best chew toys for puppies:

puppy with donut toy


You’ve probably seen one of these toys in your local pet store and have wondered if you should purchase one for your furry companion. Manufactured from nearly indestructible rubber, this hollow toy should provide your pup with a lot of fun and some mental training, no matter the breed and size.

Image of Black Kong toy

This cone-shaped toy sports a hollow center and a very robust build. The central part is empty on purpose – it allows the owner to stuff it with his pup’s favorite food and treats. One can easily customize the filling he intends to put inside the product, and thus easily accommodate his dog’s chewing needs.

Just like we expected, the product is available in a couple of different colors and sizes. For the owners of the more powerful chewers, there’s a special “extreme” version, which is extra durable and costs just a few dollars more. It’s great for both the moderate and the expert chewers and offers a good value for the price.


  • Nearly indestructible
  • Offers mental stimulation
  • Can be filled with treats
  • Variety of sizes and colors


  • Can be hard to clean

Rope Toys

The next toy for puppies comes from a company called Recod – it’s a set of four durable ropes that your medium to large pooch can chew on whenever he’s bored. It’s one of the most popular products of this type, and for a reason.

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Image of 4 different size of rope toys

Upon opening the package, you’ll notice four different rope-like toys, each of different size – 13.78″, 12.59″, 7.08″, and 2.16″ long. The smallest one (2.16″) is ball-shaped, while the other models look just like your regular ropes, but only green and with a lot of knots.

The ropes have been made out of non-toxic cotton fiber and are incredibly durable. They’re capable polishing the pup’s teeth and removing the dangerous plaque while he’s happily gnawing on them. The material is safe for use, and won’t bring your pet any gum disease.

One can easily use the Dog Rope to play the game of fetch with his furry companion. The pet will love to chase after these attractive toys, and that can only enhance the relationship between the pet and his owner.


  • Safe and durable material
  • Four different sizes
  • Great for chewing and playing
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Available in only one color combination

Nylabone Puppy Starter

Next up is one of the best things you could buy for your teething pups – a combination of three healthy chewing toys made by one of the most respectable canine companies in the world, the Nylabone. Are these products you were looking for the whole time?

Image of Nylabone Puppy Triple Packs

This “Starter Pack” consists of three different toys that are bound to cover all three chewing stages of your pup. The first two toys are bone-shaped and have a purpose of easing the pain during the early teething phase, and are bound to teach your pooch some proper chewing habits.

The third one, however, is something extraordinary. It was actually a natural puppy treat with apple and lamb flavors, wholly edible and guaranteed to become Fido’s most favorite thing ever. Even though it’s edible, it should last a long time, so there’s no need to worry about it getting eaten in just a few days.

One thing we particularly liked here is how inexpensive the pack is. It brings great value for the price, since it won’t cost you much but will bring your pup countless hours of chewing fun. Isn’t that just great?


  • Three different toys
  • One of them is edible
  • Teaches good chewing habits
  • Affordable


  • Not very flexible

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured

The next model we’ll be taking a look at has also been manufactured by Nylabone, and its name is the Dura Chew Textured Toy. It can be purchased in five different flavors – original, peanut, chicken, bacon, and beef jerky.

Image of DuraChew Flavored Bone

No matter which flavor you choose, your pooch will be getting a pretty sizeable toy to happily chew on for hours on end. It has been specially designed for the dogs who are strong chewers – your German Shepherd will finally leave your furniture and shoes in peace.

The shape is perfect for the pups who like to chew the bones while holding them between their paws. The design is pretty unique here, bringing a lot of entertainment to the pooch but also promoting his oral health.

Like all other products from this series, the Nylabone Dura has also been made out of non-toxic nylon and can’t harm your four-legged companion in any way. There are no sharp edges or toxic materials here, just the tasty flavor for the long nibbling sessions.


  • Non-toxic material
  • Five different flavors to choose from
  • Unique shape
  • Great for large pups


  • Not suitable for smaller breeds


Made by EXPAWLORER, this pheasant-shaped chewing toy with a sound generator is one of the most interesting soft chew toys for puppies we’ve seen so far. When combined with an affordable price, the EXPAWLORER Squeaky stands as a genuinely tempting offer.

Image of EXPAWLORER Plush toy

Like we already said, this product bears an appearance of a pheasant, complete with wings, tail, and a colorful head. It looks adorable and attractive, but also like prey to your dog – he’ll be happy to grab it and chew on it for hours.

We have only words of praise for the choice of material. The toy feels warm and soft on the surface and is filled with non-toxic cotton that makes the item very lightweight. The thing that separates it from the competition is the built-in sound generator that’s capable of reproducing realistic pheasant sounds. This is guaranteed to make the pup very curious and entertained.

Suitable for small to large breeds, the Expawlorer promotes dental health, enhances physical fitness, and stimulates brain activity. What’s not to like about it?


  • Pheasant appearance
  • Built-in sound generator
  • Non-toxic natural cotton
  • Inexpensive


  • Not suitable for strong chewers


These were the five best chew toys for puppies – we hope at least one of them got your attention. All five of them are highly popular among the pet parents, and each deserves to be considered for purchase.

Getting this type of a toy for your pooch is, actually, really important. Chewing is a natural and essential activity for our furry companions and something that keeps their teeth healthy and provides their jaws and gums with a necessary exercise and care.

Dog with ball in mount

The primary problem here is that pups often pick up things like plastic bottles and discarded sticks to chew on, which means that proper toys are a necessity. A quality toy will ensure that Fido is playing safely and that he has the right item to keep his teeth busy.

If we had to choose our favorite, that would be the Nylabone Puppy Starter. This package includes three different bone-shaped toys for your pooch to chew on, with one of them being edible and bringing the delicious flavor of apple and lamb. Your dog will love it!