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Your search for a perfect pet dog has brought you together with your powder-puff, snow-white Bichon Frise. There is no doubt – this lovable little bundle has won your heart in a split of a second.

Have you made yourself familiar with what it takes to ensure your pup’s wellbeing? Because that’s what a responsible owner will do!

More about this in a minute.

Living alongside this magnificent small size breed will bring a lot of joy into your life. Its friskiness and affectionate nature will make your time together enjoyable and fulfilling. Yet, you have to keep a few basic things in mind to make sure your puppy will grow up to be a healthy and content one. One of the most important things is picking the top rated dog food suitable for Bichon Frise.

Prevention and dealing with the most common health issues will call for particular attention. Proper grooming will make your furry friend even more eye-catching for its extreme beauty. However, the first and foremost, it is sound nutrition that will make the greatest difference.

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Our Top 7 Dog Food For Bichon Frise Compared

Best Overall

Small Product image of Merrick Grain Adult Natural Dry Food For Dogs
Merrick Grain-Free
Best Overall
Deboned Beef
Lamb Meal
Sweet Potatoes
Check Price

Wellness Core Natural Small Product Image
Wellness CORE
Deboned Turkey
Turkey Meal
Chicken Meal
Check Price
Budget Choice

Small Product image of Taste of the Wild High Prairie
Taste of the Wild
Budget Choice
Lamb Meal
Chicken Meal
Sweet Potatoes
Check Price
All Life Stages

CANIDAE Small Product Image
All Life Stages
Chicken Meal
Turkey Meal
Lamb Meal
Brown Rice
White Rice
Check Price
Sensitive Stomach

Small Product image of American Journey Grain free
American Journey
Sensitive Stomach
Deboned Salmon
Chicken Meal
Turkey Meal
Sweet Potatoes
Check Price

Small Product image of Weruva Caloric Harmony
Weruva Caloric Harmony
Venison Meal
Salmon Meal
Herring Meal
Check Price
Adult Dogs

Small Product image of Royal Canin Adult Bichon Frise
Royal Canin
Adult Dogs
Chicken By-Product Meal
Brewers Rice
Wheat Gluten
Check Price

Merrick Grain-Free - Best Overall

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Beef
  • Lamb Meal
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes

Merrick Grain-Free is what you have always looked for! Its perfect blend of real Texas beef and sweet potato will tickle your pup’s taste buds. It will in no time become its greatest craving.

Apart from its exquisite taste, this formula combines the best nutrients, too. It will without any doubt balance your canine’s diet efficiently.

As its name suggests, this grain-free formula is hypoallergenic. It will suit puppies with sensitive intestinal system. It is not likely to cause allergies or digestion problems. Vitamins and minerals included in this formula support immunity and metabolic processes. Glucosamine and Chondroitin contribute to your canine’s greater mobility.

Abundant in essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it nurtures the skin and coat. A range of tasty fresh fruits and veggies add to its savory taste.

Best ingredients gathered from farms worldwide are processed in Texas to create this outstanding food formula. And pamper your perfect little furry friend, too!

Wellness CORE - Best Protein-Focused

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Turkey
  • Turkey Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Peas
  • Potatoes

Focusing on protein, this rich formula addresses your pet dog’s primary nutrition needs. Combination of chicken and turkey provides a substantial source of this nutrient. Tasty and appetizing, it is likely to become your pup’s favorite after just a few bites!

Wellness Core is crafted to reduce the possible occurrence of allergies. It excludes artificial chemicals like preservatives, colors or flavor intensifies. It also rules out poultry byproducts. It does not contain common allergens, such as corn, soy or grains. Your puppy will find it easy to digest. Added probiotics will make a real difference compared to a number of commercial foods.

Rich in antioxidants, it will reduce the level of harmful elements in your dog’s body. Glucosamine and Chondroitin maintain bone and joint health and mobility. Essential omega fatty acids make an inevitable part of this nutrient-packed formula.

With Wellness CORE, the wellness of your furry little friend is at the hand’s reach!

Taste of the Wild - Great value for Money

First Five Ingredients:

  • Buffalo
  • Lamb Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peas

Innovation is what makes this great formula stand out. The use of buffalo and bison as its main source of protein makes it unique. For those of you who want nature’s best for your canine, Taste of the Wild definitely hits the spot.

This powerful blend will cater to your canine’s energy and nutritive daily needs efficiently. The mix of peas and sweet potatoes will deliver easily digestible meals. It will guarantee sufficient levels of fibers, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables bolster your pet’s body defense system. Prebiotic formulas are in charge of providing easy digestion. It eliminates potential allergens or triggers of food intolerances in pups.

This powerful formula will sustain the development of a strong muscular system. It will be ideal for pups with a sensitive stomach, due to the lack of artificial ingredients. Your furry friend’s skin and coat will benefit from its high contents of omega fatty acids.

All in all, this natural formula will wake up the best in your little companion!

CANIDAE - Ideal For All Life Stages

First Five Ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Lamb Meal
  • Brown Rice
  • White Rice

Canidae dry formula meets your canine’s needs regardless of their life stage. It is crafted to ensure a sound and well-rounded nutrition of your furry buddies. It features an optimal level of protein supplying a wide array of additional nutrients.

This nutrient-stuffed formula will be ideal for your small breed pup. It relies on poultry and lamb to provide necessary proteins. Your pup will grow and develop properly with this savory mix of high-quality components.

HealthPLUS Solutions is what marks this blend. This mixture of probiotics, antioxidants and omega fatty acids will benefit your canine on multiple levels. This blend includes essential vitamins and minerals, which bolster immunity and metabolism. It leaves out typical allergy triggers, including soy, wheat, and corn.

Spoil your little buddy by letting him indulge in this well-balanced, nutritive formula.

American Journey - For Dogs With Sensitive Stomach

First Five Ingredients:

  • Deboned Salmon
  • Chicken Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Peas
  • Sweet Potatoes

The taste of deboned salmon in combination with sweet potatoes is what makes this formula exceptional. This blend of top quality ingredients leaves no room for questions or doubts. Your pup’s nutritive and energy needs will be met with this savory dry dog food.

The creators of this blend aimed to produce a perfect combination of ingredients to suit the most sensitive furry buddies.

In addition to protein, American Journey supplies plenty of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They originate from salmon oil and flaxseed. These support the proper development of your canine’s eyes and brain. Kin and coat healthy look will result from this type of nutrition, too.

Minerals and antioxidants come from tasty veggies and fruits like blueberries, carrots, and dried kelp. They will maintain the immune system strong and functional. Ingredients abundant in fiber, like chickpeas and sweet potato, ensure sufficient levels of energy for an active puppy’s day.

Sensitive dogs will digest it easily and feel all the benefits of this high-quality blend.

Weruva Caloric Harmony - Best Digestible

First Five Ingredients:

  • Venison
  • Venison Meal
  • Salmon Meal
  • Herring Meal
  • Oatmeal

This nutrient-rich, filling formula ensures well-rounded nutrition for your pup. At the same time, it caters to the needs of pets that deal with digestion issues. It is gentle and hypoallergenic, not likely to upset a sensitive tummy.

Venison and salmon meal mixed with pumpkin result in a unique, delicious taste. Abundant in protein, it will provide sufficient levels of best-quality nutrients. The ingredients in this easily-digestible blend are clean and natural. Grass-fed venison and fresh wild salmon are the best you can offer to your furry little companion.

This food excludes all of the most common allergens. The list includes soy, wheat, grains or potatoes. Artificial additives are not present in this formula, either.

It is low on fats, to maximize its nutritious value.

You can offer it to canines of all life stages and be sure you are providing them with nothing but the best.

Royal Canin - Fit For Adult Dogs

First Five Ingredients:

  • Wheat
  • Chicken By-Product Meal
  • Corn
  • Brewers Rice
  • Wheat Gluten

Adult Bichon Frise is who this outstanding formula is primarily for. With the general wellbeing of your pup to its focus, it is sure to provide all that it takes. With this type of dry food, your furry friend is bound to thrive.

It is the result of expert knowledge and scientific research. This way, it guarantees the most optimal nutrition for your Bichon Frise in all aspects.

This formula will provide all the essential nutrients an adult dog requires in a day. It also prevents obesity in your pet. Vitamins and amino-acids sustain stronger immunity and skin and coat health.

The kibble is of specific shape and size, tailor-made to fit the anatomy of this breed’s jaw. Chewing will be easier and more thorough with this type of food.

It balances necessary nutrients efficiently, keeping in mind your pups needs. This formula contains all the vital components to keep your puppy satisfied and healthy.

Image of bichon frise sitting on womans lap

Bichon Frise Facts And Information

Its French name speaks for itself – it is  ’’curly coated’’ indeed. This lap-sized pup belongs to the group of non-sporting dogs. WIth 9.5-11.5 inches of height, they have 12-18 pounds on average. If you look after them properly, they will live to be 14-15 years old.

Although small in size, these velvety buddies feature a great, amicable nature. They make affectionate companions to families, children and other pets. They are friendly even with strangers. They enjoy being part of a family and may suffer if left alone for too long. This reflects through separation anxiety or undesirable behavior.

Great levels of energy and an urge to play will require owner’s time and attention. Long walks and play sessions are what needs to be a regular daily routine. Bichon Frise will make a great little showman. Highly trainable and obedient, it will enjoy doing tricks to entertain the owner and everyone around them. You will achieve the greatest result by providing positive, encouraging stimulation.

This breed is not prone to health conditions which are too severe. However, to prevent and deal with the most common ones, like putting on weight, owners have to keep informed. They should monitor and cater to their canine’s needs.

They are rather inquisitive and adventurous. That’s why you should keep an eye on them. If they set themselves free,  they are likely to dart down the street and may be difficult to call back.

These pups are among the most popular city pets. Their hypoallergenic coat makes them the favorite choice of families. If you’re in a search for more hypoallergenic dog breeds check out other ones, that may be perfect for your family.

Common Health Problems

Weight Issues

Despite their high levels of activity, this small-size breed is prone to packing on excessive pounds. The weight gain mostly results from an inappropriate diet. High-calorie treats are another common cause of this issue. Lack of exercise can contribute to obesity as well.

Pups who put on extra pounds are at risk of developing endocrine problems, like hypothyreosis or diabetes. They also tend to lose their typical friskiness and become lethargic.

Owners are advised to take preventative measures and avoid this harmful condition in their pets. But if you’re already fighting with this issue try using one of the best dog food for weight loss.

Hip and Joint Problems

This is a commonly inherited condition among Bichon Frise breed. Many see it as the result of poor breeding practices.

The thigh bone in such dogs does not fully fit the hip joint. Some puppies might experience pain and discomfort because of this. Other pups suffer no symptoms. It requires an x-ray scanning to diagnose it.

This condition is likely to develop into arthritis as your canine gets older. Many agree that dogs with this condition should not breed.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

This type of health problems is more spread among dogs with shorter legs. It can result from some physical trauma, usually in younger dogs. In adult and senior canines, it typically develops with aging.

The damage to spinal discs, which normally absorb the movement and activity shock, can be very severe. It can be an obstacle to the normal functioning of your pup. Treatment types may range from conservative to more radical surgical ones.

Urinary and Bladder Issues

It is not uncommon for these pups to develop certain urinary issues. These usually involve bladder stones and infections. Stones usually form as a result of an excessive intake of magnesium, phosphorus, and protein. This is why owners should pay extra attention to the quality of nutrition.

Bacteria and viruses are responsible for the occurrence of infection. Some red flags to look out for include blood traces in urine, frequent and painful urinating, long intervals between urination or other urinary problems. Your furry friend will need to receive proper medical attention in cases of these issues.


Bichon Frise may develop this issue at some point in their life. It involves high levels of sugar in your pup’s blood and its presence in the urine. Vets diagnose after running relevant tests. Diabetes in dogs is not curable. However, you can keep it under control efficiently. Apart from genetic predisposition, it can result from obesity or prolonged use of corticosteroids.

To deal with it successfully, owners should follow a number of rules. 

Scheduled doses of insulin are one of the most common types of treatment. Oral medication is another alternative. Feeding of dogs with this condition needs strict supervision and careful planning. Our diabetic dog food guide may help you with that. 

It is advisable to try and reduce your pet’s weight as well.


Although referred to as being hypoallergenic, members of this breed may suffer from certain allergies themselves.

There are two potential sources of allergies in these dogs. They include contact with allergens from the environment and food. Bichons have a predisposition to skin allergies. Some of the symptoms usually include scratching, licking of paws or rubbing their face frequently.

To treat these, you should follow the advice from your vet. This will usually mean providing gentle baths to soothe the skin or adequate medication. Flea bites can cause great discomfort as well.

Food intolerance and allergies most commonly result from artificial chemicals present in certain commercial foods. They result in diarrhea, vomiting or bloating. Careful choice of food will help to prevent these issues. Check our guide for hypoallergenic dog food here.

Dental Issues

These issues are often associated with the quality of diet a canine follows.

Dental problems may involve an early loss of teeth. Also, they affect the gums and may cause serious infections. All this has a strong impact on your pup’s quality of life.

Owners should make their Bichon’s dental care a priority. The regular brushing of teeth is a precondition for prevention of these inconveniences. You should keep your pet’s teeth and mouth clean to ensure its wellbeing overall.

Image of bichon frise and green apples

How to Feed Your Bichon Frise

Nutritional and Dietary Needs

Sound nutrition plays a vital role in your pup’s general wellbeing.

Active and playful, your Bichon Frise will need a varied and protein-rich diet. Protein sources should primarily be obtained from real meat, like chicken or beef.

According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, an inactive or elderly canine will require between 300 and 500 calories daily. Active ones usually need between 400 and 660 calories on a daily basis.

Additionally, carbohydrates will provide the necessary energy. Fats and fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, and minerals all make important elements of well-balanced nutrition. They boost proper development, immune system, metabolism, skin, and coat healthy looks.

Ingredients To Look For

Real, lean meat presents the best ingredient of protein-rich food. Meat meals are another group of substantial providers of protein.

Sweet potato and brown rice supply a sufficient amount of carbs. The best sources of fats come from fish or canola oil. A number of fruits and freshly cut veggies provide vitamins and minerals. These are vital for proper metabolic processes and body defense systems.

Ingredients to Avoid

As with any other dog food, it is a good idea to avoid certain ingredients. These include the most common allergy triggers, such as soy, wheat, and corn. Moreover, formulas containing artificial color, flavor intensifiers or preservatives could increase the potential risk of allergies.

The list of non-recommendable ingredients is somewhat longer with this breed. Namely, you should not offer beet pulp and tomato pomace to your Bichon. These ingredients will intensify the tear stain.

How Much and How Often to Feed

Members of this group of dogs put on weight rather easily. Their appetite is rather hearty.  Thus, owners should monitor the amount of food. In addition to this, they have to pay attention to the number of meals they offer.

You should divide an adult canine’s daily food into two portions. You can serve them in the morning and in the evening. The same goes for senior dogs. Growing puppies have greater energy needs. The number of meals they usually require ranges between three and four.

Owners should also limit the use of treats. These often result in excessive intake of calories. Owners have to make sure to provide fresh water at all times.

What to Do If Your Bichon Is Not Eating

Bichon Frise is usually a keen eater. It will lap savory quality food up happily. However, sometimes they do tend to be picky.

Change of food type can be an efficient solution in these cases. The transition from one food type to another should be subtle and gradual. In some cases, it is advisable to move from kibble to canned foods, as these are usually more appetizing.

If the loss of appetite and hesitant eating persists, it is advisable to seek professional advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best homemade recipes?

Some owners may opt for home-made recipes when it comes to canine diet. It can be administered efficiently, though it might take a greater amount of time.

Owners turn to home-prepared recipes in order to avoid most common health issues, such as allergies or food intolerance symptoms. Ingredients which they most commonly combine in homemade blends include chicken or beef, liver, bone meal, cooked vegetables, salt and vegetable oil.

If you follow the instructions carefully, these meals can be as good as commercial food formulas. Also when it comes to treats, you can offer some healthy alternatives by preparing it by yourself. Here’s the favorite one – dehydrated liver recipe.

What is the best brand for picky eaters?

If your Bichon Frise appears to be a picky eater, it may take a bit more time to discover the ideal formula. As with humans, no pup is the same and their eating habits and preferences can vary considerably. This primarily depends on the combination of ingredients.

If you are dealing with this issue, try offering some of the top-quality savory formulas from renowned brands.

Finding the right solution can be challenging, but patience and careful selection are going to pay off eventually.

Are they prone to having digestive problems?

Digestive issues may occur in this breed of dogs just as in any other. Some ingredients may be upsetting for a pup’s gentle digestive system. Their use can also result in allergies.

Ingredients which are difficult to digest may lead to a number of symptoms. These include vomiting, loose stool or constipation, bloating, tummy pain. If this is the case with your canine consult your vet for switching on dog food for sensitive stomach.

Owners should watch out for these symptoms and find out what causes them. Once they learn it, they should exclude such components from their furry friend’s diet.

Is raw diet safe for them?

BARF (bone and raw food) diet has been gaining in popularity. Yet, opinions about this dietary option for your pooch are divided.

Owners who are more on a natural side, believe that this is the most suitable form of diet. They claim that it has a fantastic impact on your canine’s immune system, energy levels, dental health, and overall well-being.

However, you have to keep a few warnings in mind. Bone splinters might cause severe injuries to the intestine system of a dog. Also, raw meat can contain bacteria and lead to food poisoning.

Whatever your choice, the diet needs to be carefully planned. It is all possible owing it to a wide spectrum of canine foods available.

What human food can Bichon Frise eat?

To ensure your pet’s longevity, try to offer natural, clean and healthy ingredients. Your Bichon Frise will indulge in some products used in the human diet.

Prober nutrition for these pups relies primarily on meat. It can be poultry, beef, lamb, venison or fish. Veggies such as peas, sweet potato, broccoli, and zucchini might become your pup’s favorite. Melons and crunchy apple slices, but not its core, complete this list, too.


It is easy to make a conclusion that these bouncy little balls of fur make fantastic companions to people and other pets. To ensure their well-being on a holistic level, owners should take steps to help them develop properly. This way, they maintain their health too.

The role of food in this process is crucial. That is why owners should take a responsible approach. This means they ought to plan their canine’s diet thoroughly.

Well-balanced nutrition is the key factor in the prevention of most common diseases in this breed. It also helps in dealing with some health issues more effectively.

By and large, it leaves owners with a number of options and possibilities. It goes without saying that it takes both time and energy to provide the best care for your pet.