Our best rated indestructible toys your Pit Bull will love

Your pit bull, Mina, is enthusiastic and full of life. She loves to greet you when you come to the door with doggie kisses. But, she also loves your sneakers..a lot. You’ve had to replace three pairs so far this month that she’s turned her devotion to. You’ve put them in the closet when you remember, but as soon as you forget to, she’s chewing away. It’s not that you haven’t bought chew toys for pit bulls, well dogs anyway, but they’ve lasted anywhere from about 3 minutes to an hour, depending on her mood.

The reason why Mina loves your sneakers, besides your scent, is that they take longer to destroy. Her eyes roll back in her head in bliss as she happily slobbers over her latest conquest. So, to have something left to put on your feet, what are some practically indestructible toys for pit bulls?

Pit Bull with Toys - Food Dispensers

There are toys for yanking and pulling. They are divided into three types:

  • Active: This type will keep dog busy chasing, catching and tossing her playthings.  So, anything on the products which becomes damaged or too loose it needs to be thrown away so that Mina doesn’t choke. When it becomes too damaged, it needs to be discarded your furry companion doesn’t become injured.
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  • Comfort: This will be Mina’s love and the one she carries around in her mouth. Some loves have a squeaky inside which may cause pets to rip it to shreds to get it out.  Keep an eye out with this toy because you don’t want you canine swallowing the squeaky.
  • Distract: Distracting her from your sneakers is an excellent idea. These can be filled with Mina’s favorite treats then. By captivating her senses, it causes her to be interactive by chewing, throwing around or chasing. After some rough play, some toys store tidbits that fall out as rewards which keep her going back for more.

Our Top 5 Picks

Goughnuts tableBest Overall
Natural Black Rubber,
intended for the
extreme chewer
Nylabone Durable small imageNylabone BigDesigned with extra-tough
nylon, strengthen oral health
Zogoflex imageZogoflexBPA-and-Phthalate-free,
non-toxic and FDA compliant
KONG Extreme Ball table imageKONG BallExtreme bounce,
puncture resistant
cottonblend smallMammoth FlossyElegant and comfortable,
for medium and small dogs

To help you choose something for Mina to enjoy to her heart’s content, I have gathered 5 top picks of almost indestructible dog chew toys:

Goughnuts – MAXX (Editor’s Choice)

When you have a large breed dog who loves heavy chewing, then Goughnuts Indestructible Chew toy is an excellent choice. It has a high rating for standing up to incessant chewing which pitties do. The donut ring shape makes it perfect for picking up and carrying around.

These rings are designed for canines who are insatiable chewers, and it can withstand the rigors of pitties playtime. It’s tough enough for your dog, and that’s saying a lot. Plus, since it floats, it can become Mina’s pool time plaything as well. It’s 2.1 inches around and 11.75 inches in length. It is about 1 ½ pounds of sheer fun.

Image of Goughnuts with editors choice ribbon

This Goughnuts MAXX is composed of a polymer by mechanical engineers and has a safety feature. If your furry friend is chewing on it and red rubber becomes exposed, that’s the replacement indicator. If that does happen, then you can send it back in, and it will be replaced cheerfully.

Nylabone Big Chew Durable

This is a big bone dog bone for a big pet. If your pittie weighs over 50 pounds, then this is the perfect pit bull chewing toy. If Mina starts chewing on this, she won’t even look at your sneakers. Even if it were bitten and chomped on countless times, there might be only a few tooth marks to show for it. It is heavy, so bangs and thumps will be noticeable when Mina drops it in her excitement.

It has a low choking and swallowing risk because of the excellent design and how big it is. It’s created from nylon in the shape of a dog bone; it’s one of the tough toys sturdy enough for your dog.

Product Image of Nylabone Durable

However, with nylon toys splintering is a risk because if the toy splinters, the pieces can become lodged in your fur baby’s digestive system. Or, fragments can become stuck between her teeth and cause problems. If you notice any of this happening with the Dura Chew, immediately throw it out and replace it with a new one.

Other good points are that there are ridges and grooves for dental stimulation and texture. Also, because the surface is rough, it helps to keep Mina’s gums healthy and grind plaque off her teeth. Since it comes in different flavors, it’s additionally an excellent for puppies too. The scent will entice them to learn to chew on what they’re supposed to chew on to teach them good manners.

West Paw Design Zogoflex

For keeping Mina distracted, this toy will do the job. You can place regular treats inside the hollow rubber and for a special surprise, stuff it with frozen peanut butter also. The color is highly noticeable so outside it won’t get lost in the grass and bushes.

It has an unusual three-pronged shape which makes It easier for Mina to grab and shake. She can run around with it waving in the air and bring it over to you to show it off. Plus, the Tux can withstand lots of abuse but always make sure Mina doesn’t rip off a piece of rubber and eat it since nearly indestructible doesn’t mean it won’t tear over time if chewed on enough. Ingested rubber can be a choking hazard too.

Zogoflex image

It’s not only made in the USA, but it’s dishwasher safe and recyclable. This pit bull proof toy is an FDA compliant, safe product, Phthalate and BPA free. Additionally, if Mina damages it in any ways, it has a manufacturer’s warranty on it.

KONG Extreme Ball

The Kong ball is about the size of a bouncy tennis ball. It’s perfect if you want to play a fun game of fetch with Mina to release some of the pent-up energy. It’s made from rubber, is durable but won’t float if thrown into a pool.  

Another fun feature is that you can stuff a tasty treat into the small hole in the center of the ball. The ball also has a grip-able surface for running with the ball or trying to dig out the snack inside. Another point is that the Kong Extreme is used to train K9 units. So, if the Kong can survive police dog training, it can survive a playtime session with Mina.

image of kong extreme rubber ball

Now, this ball will wear out eventually depending on how much Mina chews on it and how much she plays with it. And with pit bulls, you’re going to want to order her the largest size needed so she can’t put the whole thing in her mouth.

Mammoth Flossy Chews

This is a 3-knot rope tug is tough enough for pets. It’s extremely thick and durable with big knots. These knots are made to handle even an aggressive chewer. The rope is thick between the even thicker knots and makes for a fast and furious game of tug of war.

The Mammoth Flossy Chew comes in several sizes, and for pitties, the bigger size is the best one. The larger ones are harder to destroy and have more knots for Mina to play with. It will help to keep her active and clean her teeth by acting like floss, improving her dental health. So, when she plays and pulls, also, she gets a floss treatment.

Product image of Mammoth Flossy cottonblend

Since rope doesn’t have the strength of nylon or rubber, it can shred easier. It can be destroyed in a fair amount of time if your furry friend is left unsupervised with it. Once ripped apart, it’s harder to clean up than a simpler toy and will need to be replaced.

What makes a Perfect Toy for Pit Bulls?

What makes a perfect proof plaything? One of the key secrets is what the material is. Pitties are active dogs with lots of muscle, so a toy which can withstand a wrestling match is ideal.

So, a product made from plush or a soft material is a victim just waiting to be ambushed and destroyed. Then the pieces were strewn everywhere can be a potential choking hazard. Material which will survive rough play is rubber, ropes, and thickly made dental chews. When you find something that Mina loves to play with, you’ll conclude that she’ll be less destructive on objects lying around your home too.

playing time pit bulls

This breed enjoys chewing; their toys and bed need to be practically indestructible. A solid rubber one which can be filled with a favorite snack is an excellent choice. It combines the elements of smell and taste, so the toy is irresistible. Since rubber doesn’t usually have texture, buying a plaything which has solid grooves or nubs can make it more fun.

The heavy-duty dental chew will keep them entertained and teeth clean. The dental chew must be tough because if it’s too soft or too small, it will be taken apart almost immediately.

Pit Bull chewing a toy

Another important issue is the size of the object for Mina. If it’s too small, she could swallow it, and this would mean a trip to the vet. It could get stuck in her intestines or her stomach, and possible surgery would be the only solution.

If the toy is soft and fluffy, she’ll shred it in a matter of minutes and then look at you with stuffing hanging from her teeth. Not only is this a mess waiting to happen, but it could also cause stomach issues.

If the toy is nylon such as a chew bone, if made cheaply, it could quickly shred and lacerate Mina’s tongue, get stuck in her teeth, or she could swallow the pieces. The important thing is to pick one which is safe and can withstand the pressure of a pit bull’s jaws.

Plus, there are some of them which should be avoided which aren’t meant for dogs. For example, a Barbie doll can be chewed up and spit out in a matter of minutes. Lego’s are crunchy, chewy and Mina won’t realize that they don’t taste good. That is until she spits them out and maybe swallows a piece which is a vet visit waiting to happen.

Another item is golf balls, if ingested, they can cause intestinal distress. In fact, tennis balls and small foam rubber balls aren’t any better. Since your four-legged friend would chew these down to a nub, it could make her sick, and another trip to the vet is going to happen. Of course, other restricted items would be shoes, socks, boots, and toys belonging to your kids.

Keeping your Pet Safe

pit bull puppy with toy rope

Keeping Mina safe is more than just being aware of what she is chewing on. You should also figure out why she is chewing. There are several reasons why a dog chews and some of them are listed below:

  • Age: Puppies chew and so will a dog after puppyhood chew for a brief time even when the teething is over.
  • She’s seeking attention: Mina may chew objects which are dangerous and inappropriate such as a pillow when you’re in the room. It could be a signal that she needs more attention than you’re giving her.
  • She’s bored: Dogs are smart, and pit bulls are extremely intelligent. Mina needs something to occupy her time. If you don’t supply her with that something, she’ll find her own entertainment even if it means a trip to the pet hospital.
  • She needs more exercise: Your pet should be walked outside and played with often to keep her tired out. But first be sure that your yard is safe and secure. If you’re not exercising your fur baby enough, then she’s going to get into trouble. Not only will she start chewing on cords but she may develop separation anxiety. Separation anxiety issues are a problem in themselves.
  • She needs a crate: If Mina is getting into trouble, you may want to crate her. If you just put her in a room with the door shut, she may just chew through the door to get out.

Keeping your animal safe when you’re not home is important. Leaving a high-energy dog alone with nothing to do is a recipe for disaster ready to be served to you. Make sure you buy her pit bull proof toys and safe to chew on when you’re not around.


So, to keep your dog happy, she needs to have fun toys to keep her amused, a plaything to keep her active and other ones to give her comfort when you’re not there; and toys for a distraction to keep her from getting bored.

To keep your furniture from being ripped apart and your sneakers eaten, a pit bull needs to have her pent-up energy released too. If she is walking and playing daily, it will help take the edge off her. A tired dog is a happy dog; a happy dog is a content dog. A content dog won’t chew up your belongings.

So, be sure that the toys you buy her are safe and recommended for large breed over-50-pound dogs. Always check after she’s played to be sure that there aren’t any pieces lying around for her to choke on. So, inspect her playthings for rips or tears, if there are, then replace them as soon as possible.

Pit Bull with kong toy

Your dog depends on you to keep her safe so that she can give you love.

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