EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Kennel Review

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Do you have a well-trained dog who only wants a comfy cage? Do you need something simple, reliable and efficient? Unfortunately, a lot of models nowadays feature robust design and are challenging for transportation. But, this rule doesn’t apply to the EliteField 3-Door.

When designing this kennel, the first things manufacturers had in their minds, was your pet’s comfort. It is incredibly versatile, you can use it as a regular crate at home, or collapse it and bring it with you. It will take you a couple of seconds to pack it in a briefcase style.

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So, whether you need a resilient, daily use cage to keep at home, or you need something lightweight to travel with, the EliteField 3-Door is up to the task. Learn more about its features bellow and find out if this enclosure meets your needs.

The features you might like:

Cozy design – pet owners want what’s best for their pups because they are part of their family. That’s why this cage has excellent features and provides high commodity for your furry friends.

600D fabric – considering EliteField 3-Door is a soft-sided model, this has been the biggest concern for many pooch owners. But, don’t stress out too much, this kennel will keep your dog locked and secure.

Three mesh doors – a door on the top, at the front, and at side. The three mesh door option is very convenient for people who are dealing with restless and edgy pups.

The features you might not like:

To be honest, we wouldn’t recommend this model to pet owners whose dogs have an aggressive temper. It’s designed for trained and mild-mannered canines. Otherwise, they will destroy it in a matter of weeks. The EliteField 3-Door isn’t resistant to scratching and chewing, so full indestructible model will be a better option.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This model is made of high-quality 600D and hex mesh fabric that is designed to last and, of course, keep your canine comfortable. The company, EliteField, has been in pet care businesses since 2004 and they prize themselves with 24/7, seven days in a week customer service. So, there is a reason why this product has been the bestselling enclosure for years.

It comes in five different sizes, from 20 inches to 42 inches. It means it’s designed to house even the largest breeds. Due to its durable steel frame, dogs will have a hard time breaking or bending it. Except if you are dealing with highly aggressive canines.

The fabric makes it highly flexible, so even if your pooch jumps, or tries to escape, it will be mission impossible. While some cheaper options provide similar features and benefits, this unit showcases the difference in quality.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate-Materials

Considering it’s priced under $100, you are still getting astonishing features for the price you’ve paid. The cage is intended for indoor use, (for outdoor check this article), to house your pet while being away, or you can take it with you because it’s perfect for traveling.

This brand managed to combine two things, sturdiness, and collapsibility. When buying a crate, you usually have to settle for one or another. But, that’s not the case with EliteField 3-Door. The developers combined the best features and made one perfect product.

In this case, the kennel is solid and sturdy when it’s set up and, at the same time, collapsible and lightweight when taken down. This way, manufacturers managed to find an excellent balance and offer a great product for a reasonable price.

For easy transportation, you get a handle and shoulder stripe included, and the cage arrives fully assembled.

Weights & Dimensions

The EliteField 3-Door features five different sizes, so you should be able to accommodate various breeds inside. When we break down the dimensions you get the following chart:

MeasureDimensions (Inch)Pounds
Small20 x 14 x 146.2
Medium24 x 18 x 2110.5
Large30 x 21 x 2412.6
X Large36 x 24 x 2815
XX Large42 x 28 x 3219.9

It can be a bit nerve-wracking when you have to order a product online, without inspecting it before. First of all, you should know the size of your dog, as well as his weight. Once you determine the proportions, you can use your chart to select the appropriate cage for your furry friend.

Keep in mind that this enclosure is versatile and you can house different types of canines, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones. They will have enough room to play, relax and stretch their legs.

The fabric use gives a flexible shape; it is lightweight and great for camping, hiking, and car trips. Your pet will have no problem getting accustomed to this kennel because it provides incredible performance and excellent portability.

Most Important Features of Soft Crates


Primary MaterialFabric
Primary Material Details600D fabric and hex mesh
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsYes
Frame StructureSoft-Sided
Closure TypeCrate
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedYes
Slide-out Tray IncludedNo
Mat/Pad IncludedYes
LocationIndoor use

The EliteField 3-Door is specially designed to secure pups who have a mild temper. Considering it’s made of fabric, it won’t stand a chance against aggressive breeds. If you have a properly trained pet, then he will feel comfortable, safe and secure.

The great feature about this enclosure is that’s easy to assemble and folds down to 3” height. When it’s packed like this, you can take it everywhere with you. It is lightweight and easy to carry. So, whether you are making an extended vacation or a short trip, the EliteField 3-Door is an excellent solution, and it will match your pet’s needs.

The interior is quite spacious and roomy, and it has three doors, a section for top, front and side loading. This type of design is excellent for owners whose pets are restless and mischievous.

Even though the air can go through the fabric, it comes with panels for ventilation installed. In this case, the interior of the enclosure will be airy and fresh. Your furry friend can enjoy the clean air and feel comfortable while being locked.

Airflow is an important feature to consider because it can lead to lethal consequences.

For maximum comfort, the enclosure is equipped with fleece bed. In this way, your pet can rest peacefully, while you are away. The sturdy steel frame offers a durable design, which will be impossible to penetrate and zippers provide additional protection.

You can collapse and take it with you because it has a handle and shoulder belt.

White dog in EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Is it easy to assemble?

You don’t need what so every skill to set this enclosure up because it comes fully assembled. The setting up process is quite easy. First, you should take out the crate and laid in flat. Remove the buckles that hold the cage in place and unfold the kennel. Set up the supporting poles, lock them in place and it is ready for use.

Final Thoughts

We’ve got to say that EliteFiled 3-Door is an excellent pet home for that price tag. You are getting a fully equipped crate and can satisfy even the most demanding users. If you want to go an extra mile in providing your furry friend a much-needed comfort, then you should get him this enclosure.


  1. I would like to add that I went to a soft sided crate for my beagle who has seizures, much safer and comfortable, he loves his “den” is a good boy and is on the “open door policy”.

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