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DOG health and care tips

It's not enough to care for our pets, we need to actively keep on top of their health and prevent any health issues they might have during their life. These articles contain everything you need to know how to keep your pet healthy.

Two Pugs Flat Faced Dogs

What It Means To Be A Flat-Faced Dog?

Have you ever heard of the Brachycephalic dog breeds?  They can be very challenging when it comes to caring for them, but that still...
dog and water fountain

How Much Water Should a Dog Drink per Day?

As you already know it, water is something that hydrates and cleanses all living beings on our planet. Without it, life would not be...
Autism in dogs - Symptoms and Treatments

Can Dogs be Autistic? 5 Major Symptoms and Treatments

"I think my dog has autism" was my first thought when I saw my puppy standing in front of me with sad eyes, unwilling...
Ways to Naturally Treat Cushing Disease In Dogs

Natural Treatment for Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

Your beloved dog is also susceptible to dangerous and fatal diseases that should not be ignored. Even if your pet does not succumb to...
Dog Is Urinating In The House

Medical & Behavioral Reasons Your Dog Is Urinating In The House...

One annoying problem is when our dogs are peeing inside the house, and there could be many reasons for this. The first point I...
traveling with dog

Tips To Help Reduce Your Pet’s Stress When Traveling

We always want to go places and since our pets are family members we want to take them with us but sometimes it's really...
dog with her puppies

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Puppy’s Placenta?

While it may sound a bit nauseating to us, it is a natural instinct for dogs and many other mammals to eat the placenta...
a newly born puppy with its mother

Stages of Dog Pregnancy – Weekly Calendar with Photos

There’s a whole host of reasons you might have a pregnant dog – whether deliberate breeding, accidental conception or fostering/adopting a dog who is...

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