How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost?

How much does a Pomeranian cost?

What to consider when purchasing a Pomeranian?

So you have decided that the dog of your dreams is a Pomeranian. Good choice! This playful breed is active, intelligent, and sociable. There are a lot of factors that brought you to this point which may include personality, size, and of course looks. Now that you know what you want the next logical question is, “How much will it cost?”

There are many things to consider when beginning the journey of finding your new furry friend. Do you have a budget? What makes some pups more expensive than others? What other investments should be considered when planning? All good questions. Let’s start at the top.

How much does a Pomeranian cost?

Price is dependent upon many elements, but before we get into that, the average is between $400-$1500 according to Show quality animals fetch up to $4,000. What goes into pricing? The animal’s age is the leading factor in determining this.

Once you have established if you want a puppy or adult dog, then you can consider where to get it. The options for this vary as well ranging from breeders to adoption and all the factors that play into these different choices.

Finally you will want to take into account the long term financial commitments such as set up cost, training, grooming, and general caring for the animal.

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Training for Your Pomeranian Dog

What are the factors in cost?

  • Age

Price is relevant to age when purchasing a pet. The ideal age to bring your new Pom home is between 6-8 weeks. Dogs at this age respond well to change. A new puppy is already adjusting to the world, so making the transition from the breeder’s home to your home will not seem strange when the puppy is learning new things every day.

  • Breeders vs Adoption

If you want an adult dog then a great choice is to adopt. Adopting an older dog is wonderful if you do not want the commitment of training a new puppy, or you just want that laid back family dog feel. You can find special Pomeranian rescues or follow the online listings at your local shelter to adopt this breed.

This is the best budget option as shelters and rescues will normally only charge you for the care of the animal while it was at their facility. Adoption pets can go as low as $300 in some situations if the animal is considered an adult. Pom Poms can live to be 12-16 years old, making this long lived breed a great choice for adopting and becoming part of the family at any age.

Alternatively, if you would like a puppy you can go with a trusted breeder. There are options for this locally and nationwide, but when thinking of purchasing at a distance know that there will be a charge for shipping or travel. Breeders add value to your Pom Pom for many reasons, which translates to final price.

History on both sides of the litters’ family are often known regarding health, bloodlines, and temperament. The mother dog is a loved member of the family during pregnancy and when it comes time to ween the puppies the breeders are practiced at taking care of that tricky transition between mom’s milk and solid food.

They also take care of registration for the puppies if they consider the litter to be of breeding quality. This could be for health reasons, looks, as well as considering whether or not to bring the dog to show. More exotic looking puppies will raise the price. Finally, state regulation fees will be added to the final amount.

A bonus of choosing a reputable breeder is that sometimes they include a care package to send home, along with possibly coupons, and a checkup at the vet.

What are the factors in cost?

Set up Cost

Bringing a new member of the family home for the first time will have the same basic setup cost whether your pet is a puppy or an adult. You will need food, a bed and/or kennel, collar, leash, monthly supplies of flea and heartworm medicine, and perhaps some toys for small breeds.

Training and Socializing

Training is vital to having a well-behaved dog, and not letting behavior issues become a headache. If you adopt, the shelters sometimes have discounted classes through their facilities. If you buy elsewhere you will need to locate classes or personal trainers within your budget.

Socializing is also very important if you would like for your Pom to get used to being around other animals and have a positive reaction when in these situations.

Pomeranians are notoriously territorial as well as protective of their owner.

Allowing them to be in a situation often where they realize they are safe and that there is no threat to their space, as well as any to their human, will go a long way towards keeping them calm and happy. Play groups can help with this, as can doggy daycare.

Pomeranian training

General Care

There are many needs to consider when thinking of how to keep your pup happy and healthy in the long run.

Pomeranians have two separate coats: undercoat and topcoat. This characteristic helps them to regulate temperature well, but when the cold season ends the undercoat sheds and will mat with the topcoat if you do not keep it well groomed.

It is recommended to have your Pom groomed around 2 times a month. With shedding considered, it will also be a good idea to get a specialty pet vacuum so that you can keep your home tidy.

Visits to the vet as well as special considerations are important as well. The Pomeranian is known to be a very sturdy and healthy animal, but they commonly have issues with hip and knee joints. It may be very costly to pay out of pocket for an unexpected surgery so it is recommended to get pet insurance.

Extra vaccinations will be important to consider. After the milestone shots are over there will be recurring shots such as rabies. If you would like to take your dog off-leash somewhere it might drink from a stream so there are additional shots to prevent illness that can be picked up from the water.

The cost is worth the experience

Owning a pet is a responsibility as much as it is a rewarding experience. Investing in your Pomeranian will ensure she lives a long and happy life and you can enjoy the companionship and fun times she will bring for many years to come.

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