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Everything you wanted to know about Training your Dog, Grooming and More!

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  Here you can find how-to videos, guides and articles on dog training, DIY care and grooming. Ever wanted to know how to massage your pet? Well, in this section you can find out.  

keep your dog hydrated in the summer

How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated Throughout the Summer Months?

One part of dog ownership that unfortunately gets overlooked far too often is the need to keep them cool and hydrated against the temperature...
teaching a dog how to fetch

Dog Training: Fetch – Improving the Retrieve

We're going to be talking a little bit about how to improve our retrieve. Has your game of Fetch-the-Ball turned into Fetch-the-dog? Well, don't...
teach your dog not to bite

How to teach your dog not to bite?

Like many baby animals, puppies like to put things in their mouth to test them. Unfortunately, this can quickly become a habit of biting,...

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