Impact Case Collapsible Kennel Review

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Does your pet like to destroy things and love to escape from crates? Do you have a hard time containing him inside the cage? Well, we might have found a solution to your troubles. Impact Collapsible model is undoubtedly worth or your time and money, especially if you are dealing with energetic canines.

The enclosure isn’t designed to house large and powerful breeds. However, if you have a medium-size pet, then we are convinced this product will match your criteria. Providing a secure environment for your furry friend is an essential thing.

It will come in handy while you are away or traveling. And, while there are many opinions out there, we love all the features the cage has to offer. It will take you a couple of minutes to read all the reviews and see that all pooch parents are highly satisfied with this crate.

So, let’s break down this review and see what can you expect from this enclosure.

The features you might like:

Quick and straightforward transportation – when you read the product specification, you will notice it says the cage can be collapsed in a matter of seconds. Naturally, we wondered if this claim is genuine or not. After performing some research and based on user’s feedback, we concluded it takes you a couple of minutes to fold it.

Durability – many dog owners have been concerned about the materials and construction of the cage. Considering its made of aluminum, which is known to be soft, this material doesn’t take away the product’s strength. The kennel features sturdy .063 aluminum and is resistant to corrosion, tear and wear.

Lightweight – when combined with other alloys, aluminum and steel can be surprisingly heavy, which is not the case with this enclosure. Surprisingly, this product is light, which makes it perfect for packing and traveling. You don’t have to worry about the luggage, and pulling a heavy container around when you have an Impact model.

The features you might not like:

Compared to other products, the price for this one is a bit higher, which may bother many pet parents. But, when we include all the things you are getting, it is worthy of your money. You can find different prices online and even discounts, if you are patient enough.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

It’s crafted from aluminum. This is a high-quality material which features a powder coated finish. The manufacturers used aluminum to make sure your pet will never break down the enclosure.

While doing this review, we notice that many owners who have extensive and aggressive breeds adore this model (and these indestructible beds). They even openly confessed of trying many other options, but not any of them managed to satisfy their needs. The pet parents simply couldn’t find the case that will keep their canine tight and locked.

If you have a mischievous pup who is likely to escape from wire crates, then you need a cage that offers better coverage and strength. You will probably notice that some non-wire enclosures feature small vent holes. Unfortunately, these holes aren’t always big enough and don’t provide enough airflow.

Impact case collapsible crate- Construction

In the worst case scenario, the lack of air can be lethal for your pet. But, you don’t have to stress because it has installed large vent holes. They allow your pet to breathe easily and you don’t have to be concerned for his well-being all the time.

As we mentioned before, some dogs are amazing escape artists. If you have a similar pet, then you’ve probably dealt with this situation before. Depending on the latches your case has, they will either keep your pooch inside or he will escape. The complex locking system can be frustrating, but it’s the only solution against restless pets.

The latch Impact is very secure, but also user-friendly. You will worry less about your furry friend escaping, and the locks are quite simple to use.

Having in mind the color, you have probably noticed the light tan finish. Well, there is a reason behind that shade. It is designed to reflect the light and to keep the heat away from the cage.

Weights & Dimensions

The Impact model comes in two sizes, large and X-large. If you are not sure what size to pick, then make sure to check out their website for proper measures. The cage manufacturer provides the following dimensions:

Large Exterior – 35″L x 25″W x 29″H

Large Interior – 34″L x 22″W x 28″H

Large Door – 19.8″H x 14.8″W

X-Large Exterior – 41″L x 25″W x 29″H

X-Large Interior – 40″L x 22″W x 28″H

X-Large Door – 41″L x 25″W x 7.5″H

As you can see from the measurements, the enclosure offers enough room for your pet. Even if you have a small pup, the product is perfect. He will have more space for toys and play. Various size breeds can enjoy this cage and have plenty of room to stretch their legs.

The size of the crate decreases the pup’s discomfort and helps him battle the anxiety. Every time you choose a cage, keep in mind your dog’s well-being and do everything to make him comfortable.

The lightweight makes this crate ideal for transportation and travel. When flying, it is essential to have an acceptable enclosure. Airlines can be demanding about the stuff you can and cannot bring with you.

But, the Impact meets all standards.

Dog in Impact case collapsible crate


Primary MaterialMetal
Primary Material DetailsAluminum
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsYes
Frame StructureHard-sided
Closure TypeLatch
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedYes
Slide-out Tray IncludedNo
Mat/Pad IncludedNo
LocationIndoor Use Only

It’s designed to facilitate traveling and help you deal with your pups while being on vacation. The best features are its lightweight and user-friendly design. You can fold it in a couple of minutes and aluminum provides easy management and portability.

This is probably one of few models that can be collapsed into a briefcase-size case. Considering it’s portable, it means you can store it anywhere, especially if you have a small home. More collapsible and portable enclosures you can find here. When not in use, you can just fold it and place it underneath your bed or in a closet.

Dogs can often sense whether some environment is right for them or not. It is up to you to provide them with natural habitat and decent living conditions. We are convinced that this kennel should be one of the first options when you are selecting a one for your furry friend.

Impact case collapsible crate-Specifications

First of all, your pet can enjoy the fresh air because the holes are big enough for the ventilation. You get the advanced locking system that prevents your furry friend from getting out and we don’t even have to mention the design.

It is compact, safe and reliable. The cage will keep your pup locked and secure. The only thing that may bother you is the lack of slide-out tray, which some pet owners may consider a benefit.

But, considering its designed to transport pets from one location to another, you don’t need slide-out tray. In most cases, these are short relations, and the majority of dogs are potty trained.

Is it easy to assemble?

The significant benefit is that anyone can assemble it. You don’t need additional tools, screws, bolts or wrenches. In this case, you just lift up the top of the crate, pull out and latch the front door and rear panel and secure the foldable section with metal rails.

Even if you aren’t skilled with this type of work, you can complete this task in a matter of minutes.


This model comes as an expensive option, but for that price tag, you are getting high quality and amazing features. Overall, it is strong, reliable and safe and it’s an excellent choice for anyone who has troubles containing his canine. Considering it is airline approved and portable, you will enjoy using this kennel.