Top 5 Stimulating Interactive Toys for Dogs

two dogs playing with a rope toy

In the era we’re living in, keeping kids busy is incredibly easy – all that one has to do is handle them a tablet or a smartphone. Alternatively, they can watch television, play with their toys, or engage in one of the other million activities.

But what happens when you have to occupy your canine companion? Our four-legged pals also love technology, which is why we think it’s time to take a look at the best interactive dog toys. A boring chew toy or a simple tennis ball is no longer enough – it’s time to take the things to the next level.

Golden Retriever Playing and Jumping

This might come as a surprise, but there are hundreds of modern, interactive toys for your pup. A device such as a dog ball tossing machine can keep your pooch occupied for hours – all that the pooch has to do is to put the ball in the machine’s opening, and it will be immediately launched away. This is, in simple words, an automatized game of fetch!

Take a look at our list of the five best such toys and find out everything about their features, benefits, as well as flaws. Read on!

Product ImageNameMain FeatureRatingPrice RangePrice
Small image of hide a squirrel productHide A SquirrelUnique concept
Squirrels produce sounds
9.9/10$$Check on Amazon
small image of Outward productOutward HoundNo removable parts
Easy to clean
9.8/10$$Check on Amazon
product image of kongKongCan be filled with treats
9.8/10$Check on Amazon
small product image of trixie toyTrixieElaborate construction
Reasonable price
9.7/10$Check on Amazon
small product image of babble ballPet QwerksMakes over
20 animal sounds
9.6/10$Check on Amazon


The first product we’ll be taking a look at is the Hide-A-Squirrel, which is a very simple toy that doesn’t include any elaborate parts and has no batteries or remote controllers. But it’s still a very functional product that’s guaranteed to keep the pooch occupied.

Image of Hide a Squirrel product

As the name suggests, Hide-A-Squirrel is model whose purpose is to make your pooch sniff the squirrels out of the tree trunk. Both the trunk and the squirrels are soft, plush toys and all that the owner has to do is to stuff the squirrels inside the log and leave it down on the ground. Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

To make the things more interesting, the manufacturer put a squeaking device inside each squirrel. There are six of these plush little animals, so it will take some time for Fido to drag each of them out of the tree trunk. This goes only for the largest, “Ginormous” version – the smaller ones come with just three squirrels per package.

The manufacturer also offers other versions of this product. The squirrels can be replaced by bees, birds, and hedgehogs, with the price varying just a few dollars up or down per variant.


  • Unique concept
  • Simple fun – no intricate parts
  • Squirrels produce sounds
  • Inexpensive


  • Not for the strong chewers

Hide N’ Slide Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Fighting boredom and keeping the pooch easy is a thing of the ease with this toy. The Hide N’ Slide is one of the best products of this type on the market, guaranteed to keep your pup entertained regardless of his breed, age, or size.

Product image of Hide and Slide

The surface of Hide N’ Slide is filled with small compartments and movable parts that the pup can move with his paws and reveal the hidden treats. All that the owner has to do is to hide the treats in these compartments and put the toy on the floor – the rest is up to dog!

Even though it’s made from composite plastic, this product has a real wooden look. It’s also quite easy to clean and is durable enough to withstand scratches and bites. The choice of the material removes the risk of the toy snapping in half when a more aggressive pooch is playing with it.

As you can probably already guess, the excellent thing about this product is that it exercises the pup’s mind. It’s guaranteed to keep every dog busy and will reduce his destructive behavior, which is precisely why it deserves our recommendation.


  • Challenges the dog’s mind
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used by all breeds and sizes
  • No removable parts


  • Available in just one color

Kong Classic

The Kong Classic is probably among the best-selling model for an interactive game, and the reason behind that is the toy’s outstanding simplicity. It’s a hollow, cone-shaped item that you can fill with your pup’s favorite treats and let him find a way how to get to them – it’s as simple as that!

Image of Black Kong toy

The Kong Classic is a treat-dispensing toy manufactured from rubber that’s very durable and hard to destroy. As we already said, the center of this product is empty and can be filled with all sorts of treats, whether they’re dry, wet, or frozen. The pup will then roll the Kong on the floor and try to get to the food in every way he can.

The purpose of this is to provide the pooch with the necessary mental stimulation and an outlet for chewing. It’s available in several different sizes to meet the needs of every breed of dog, which is always a big plus in our book. An owner can also play the game of fetch with this toy, which can be particularly attractive due to its shape and unpredictable bounces.

All in all, the simplicity of this classic model is precisely the thing that makes it great – purchasing it can’t turn out as a mistake. It’s among the best product for an interactive outdoor dog play!


  • Can be filled with treats
  • Durable construction
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Very affordable


  • Hard to keep clean

Trixie Pet Products

Next up is the Trixie Pet, a toy that’s very similar to the Hide N’ Slide Treat Dispensing product. It’s a round-shaped base with compartments, levers, and lids that allow the user to hide some treats and let the pup use his wits (and the sense of smell) to find them.

Dog playing with Trixie

It can be purchased in three different variants, based on the intelligence of the particular pup. We had the middle “Training Level 2” version on a review, which is intended to be used by the intermediate canine players.

Upon opening the box, you’ll notice a large black base whose surface is filled with colorful plastic elements. These elements include things like cones, disks, lids, and levers, all of which have the same purpose – to hide the food from the pup. Once the owner hides the treats under these caps and disks, it’s up to the pooch to use his nose and paws to find them and eat them.

As far as we’re concerned, the Trixie Pet is among the best puzzle toys we’ve had the chance to see so far. It works just as advertised and should easily challenge your pup’s mind.



  • Not really durable

Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball

The last of the best stimulating dog toys that we’re going to take a look at is the Pet Qwerks Animal Sounds Babble Ball, that’s capable of producing over 20 different animal sounds. Pretty interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Pet with Qwerks Ball in mouth

Upon opening the (well-made) package, you’ll notice a textured, plastic red & yellow ball with speakers on both sides. It sports a durable construction that keeps it protected from bites and scratches, so you won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed after just one day of play.

As we already said, this model is capable of making sounds of different animals, such as the donkey, pig, birds, dogs, cats, and other animals. This is guaranteed to pick up the attention of your pup – his curiosity won’t allow him to stop playing with the ball! Not only can this toy relieve the pooch from boredom, but it also provides him with a healthy amount of exercise.

The animal sounds appear when the ball is touched, and they stop once the ball isn’t moving. The product sports a reasonable price no matter which size of it you choose – small, medium, or the large one. We liked it!


  • Makes over 20 animal sounds
  • Durable construction
  • Turns off automatically
  • Suitable for blind dogs


  • Batteries are not replaceable


Dogs are just like kids, except they’re like that their entire lives. Playing is an integral part of their development, and an owner has to make sure that his pooch has something to keep him busy while he’s away. And what’s better than a puzzle toy in that regard?

dog playing at the meadow

If we had to choose a favorite from our list, that would be Hide N’ Slide. It’s a well-constructed treat dispensing toy that’s guaranteed to bring a lot of fun to both the pooch and his owner. We hope we’ve been helpful!