Jespet 3 Doors Soft Sided Kennel Review

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Dog kennel should be one of the first items you purchase before you become a pet parent. When it comes to buying a soft-sided model, how do you know which one is the best? The biggest mistake pet owners make is selecting the enclosure that is way too big.

Some people feel discouraged putting their canine into an enclosure because it resembles the cage. However, nowadays, there are a number of manufacturers you can choose from, and they all offer some fantastic features your pet will appreciate.

You may be wondering as well, why should you get a soft-sided dog crate when regular kennel made of metal is a better option for you. Well, the soft-sided enclosure has some benefits you will find useful, and we are going to explore them with you.

The Jespet 3 Door is one of them, and it’s the best cage for dogs with separation anxiety.

The features you might like:

Generous space – this is one of the most generous models you will find on the market. It comes with enough space for your pup to move comfortably, stand up, and turn around.

Excellent ventilation – the Jespet 3 features three mesh doors that ensure your pet is breathing fresh air all the time. He will not feel trapped, and he will be able to enjoy the view every time he looks through the doors.

Lightweight – considering it’s made of fabric, this enclosure is exceptionally lightweight, which makes it perfect for traveling. Now you can take your pet anywhere with you.

The features you might not like:

Not for aggressive breeds – even though Jespet is equipped with the latest security standards, it might not be able to contain aggressive and ill-mannered breeds. In this case, you should purchase a kennel that is strong enough to keep them inside.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The best soft-sided cages are the ones that are made of high-quality and resistant materials. They should be able to withstand the pet’s destructive attempts without being ripped apart. Unfortunately, not many brands can guarantee such conditions, but, that rule doesn’t apply to Jepser 3.

It is constructed of extremely durable and water stain resistant material. The crate is perfect for outdoor and indoor use because it features extra-long steel tube frame. Surrounded by heavy-duty, 600D fabric, the Jesper 3 enclosure is ten times stronger than most other fabric cages.

In this case, it will disable even the most vicious escape attempts. It is excellent for transportation and comes included with quality fleece bed, providing a comfortable place for your pet.

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The portable, compact, and lightweight kennel is an excellent shelter for any canine. The PVC coating will protect the cage from water, tear and wear. The design will enable pet parents quick and easy transportation, considering it’s foldable.

You should be able to load it into a car in a matter of seconds. We should point out the three mesh doors which are a great solution for dogs suffering from anxiety. Some pets have a hard time getting accustomed to an enclosure.

They feel trapped and anxious, and this can be a dangerous combination. If you don’t help your pup get through this transition period, then you may experience further issues. But, three mesh doors help a lot because they provide your dog with a view of the surroundings.

In this case, he will feel connected to the environment and suffer less. The top, front and side doors are a convenient source of light and air. Your furry companion will enjoy his stay here while waiting for your return.

Weights & Dimensions

Before you get any kennel, always make sure your pet is getting an adequate space to remain comfortable all the time. Checking the measurements is the key. Your pooch must be able to stand, without hitting his head and move around without disrupting the construction.

The Jespet 3 comes in a couple of sizes:

20 INCH               20 x 14 x 14 inches

24 INCH               24 x 18 x 21 inches

30 INCH               30 x 21 x 24 inches

36 INCH               36 x 24 x 28 inches

42 INCH               42 x 28 x 32 inches

Before you make a final purchase, make sure to measure your dog and always add a couple of inches more. The majority of returns manufacturers have to deal with are the result of client’s buying the model in the wrong size.

If your pooch is restless and you have a hard time measuring him, the compare the sizes online. You should be able to find charts which match breeds and crates sizes. Also, check out the manufacturer’s page for additional information.

Provide your pup with the comfort and the space he requires, he will consider this kennel as his second home and peaceful sanctuary.

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Primary MaterialFabric
Primary Material Details600D fabric and hex mesh
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsYes
Frame StructureSoft-Sided
Closure TypeCrate
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedYes
Slide-out Tray IncludedNo
Mat/Pad IncludedYes
LocationIndoor/Outdoor use

When it comes to features, Jesper 3 is one of the most resilient models on the market. It offers excellent performance and beautiful design. Pet parents will have no issues getting their dogs into this kennel.

The soft and yet durable and sturdy material will offer your furry companion a cozy retreat and keep him tucked in during the night. Some pet owners expressed concern regarding the fabric. They are worried about its longevity and strength.

But, you shouldn’t stress about this. Considering it’s made of high-quality 600D fabric, it will last you for ages. It’s resistant to chewing and scratching, so your pet will be secure inside.

The Jespet 3 also has safety features that aim to minimize any harm. The advanced locking mechanisms will keep your pet jailed, and it will prevent any escape attempts. Whether you are traveling or keeping your canine at home, he will reside safely within the cage.

Unfortunately, this enclosure doesn’t come equipped with slide-out tray, so, it will be a bit challenging for cleaning. With pets who aren’t potty trained the hygiene is imperative. But, manufacturers thought of everything.

The pet parents can disassemble the cage and put it into a washing machine because the material is washable. In case of an accident, you can always clean the cage.

We should mention that Jesper 3 comes with a fleece bed, which provides a comfortable place for your pet. It is lightweight, and you can carry it anywhere using the handles.

lucky dog with Jespet 3 Door Soft Sided

Is it easy to assemble?

The collapsible bars with retractable springs make this cage easy to assemble. Owners don’t require additional tools. This is a fully collapsible doghouse which can be stored anywhere.

The best of all, it’s travel-friendly, and you can fold in a brief-case style. You don’t have to be an expert to set up the enclosure, and it will take you a couple of minutes to complete the process.


If you want a high-quality, durable and resistant cage, then Jespet 3 Doors is an excellent choice for every pet parent. This crate offers impressive features, robust design, and affordable price.

Your dog will love spending time in this enclosure and for those who have a teething puppy at home that just want to chew on everything will find this model impossible to penetrate.

The Jespet 3 will satisfy all your safety requirements.