Lucky Dog Uptown Outdoor Kennel Review

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Is your dog the sweetest member of your family? Does he deserve the best living conditions? Naturally, you would do anything for him because people who have pets tend to be more emotional. But, sometimes letting your furry friend loos isn’t the best option.

He can be mischievous, chew your furniture and make a mess out of your home. However, chaining him up isn’t very humane. This is why pooch owners use crates to contain their restless spirits. An enclosure will not only provide enough room for playing but also help your pet feel more comfortable and safe.

In most cases, selecting a right cage is a challenging decision and involves various factors. If you are still questioning your choices, why not try the Lucky Dog Uptown model. It offers excellent performance and professional design.

So, let’s learn more about this enclosure and discover whether it’ll match your requirements.

The things you will like:

Excellent for outdoor spaces – it is designed to match the size of any yard. It has a square or rectangular shape, featuring a galvanized long-lasting 10-gauge chain link wire. The design is sturdy, reliable and escape-proof. Read more about Top Outdoor Kennels in 2018.

Long-lasting – due to its wireframe, it is resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. The enclosure is made of professional materials which will ensure the years of use.

Waterproof cover – not many models come equipped with waterproof protection, but that’s not the case with The Lucky Dog Uptown. This option provides your pet comfortable and dry conditions, whenever he stays outside.

The things you may not like:

Not ideal for transportation – if you are looking for a portable enclosure, then this model isn’t for you. It is preferably stationary and, of course, you can manipulate the carte around the yard, but it’s not an ideal solution for traveling. Considering its premium and flexible construction, it is not compatible with quick portability.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

The Lucky Dog Uptown model is an excellent selection for residential or professional use. It features a heavy-duty steel frame. The long-lasting wire is black powder coated to ensure an attractive design. The sleek and stylish look is more appealing than many famous counterparts.

The stainless steel wire creates a robust structure without shape edges. It has been carefully welded to provide a smooth surface, which is crucial for your pet’s safety. Due to its powder coat, the cage is protected from corrosion and deterioration.

You can leave it outside for months, and it won’t change the color or structure. This is one of the features that sets apart this model from the competition. If you are investing money in a new cage, then it should be worthy of time and cash.

The sturdy wire will keep your furry friend locked and secure. Having in mind its size, the unit provides a lot of commodity for your pet. Regardless of the breed, your furry friend will be able to stretch his legs and even play inside.

Lucky Dog Uptown-Construction

It has 11 panels which are secured by 24-panel clamps. This product also comes with an additional door panel and lockable steel gate latch. The locking system will disable any escape attempts.

You can open the gate freely, and your pup can experience an easy entry. Once you secure the gate latch, it stays in place and can be sealed with any basic padlock.

It comes with 1.5” tall legs that offer easy clean. This option allows you to remove any waste from the kennel’s floor. You will access all those hard-to-reach spots and maintain a hygienic and bacteria-free environment for your four-legged friend.

There is a reason why this enclosure has been the best-selling product for years. The number of highly satisfied owners speak for itself.

Weights & Dimensions

The crate comes in three sizes:
6’H x 4’W x 4’L,
6’H x 4’W x 8’L,
4’4″H x 4’W x 4’L.
Each unit is equipped with 5’H or 3’H waterproof cover. The cage is big enough to house any breed, and it’s specially designed for outdoor use.

Due to its robust and sturdy construction, it isn’t meant for traveling. If you plan to buy this one and travel with your furry friend, don’t do it. You will only waste your time and miss a chance to enjoy a vacation with your pooch.

Before making a final deal, make sure to pick the right size crate for your pet. While it’s nice to provide your dog with comfort and room to play, the big cage will only mean more cleaning. This is why you can choose between small, medium and large size.

The best feature that sets apart this model from the competition is its size. Even the small version offers enough space for your four-legged friend. If your dog suffers from anxiety, or he is afraid of small and dark places, then you should provide him with the best hosing conditions. We can guarantee you that this product offers excellent performance for that price tag.

Dimensions of Lucky Dog Uptown


Primary MaterialMetal
Primary Material DetailsSteel
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsNo
Frame StructureHard-Sided
Closure TypeCrate
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedNo
Slide-out Tray IncludedNo
Mat/Pad IncludedNo
LocationOutdoor/Indoor use

Like we mentioned before, the Lucky Dog Uptown enclosure combines the best features one crate should have. It comes equipped with 10-gauge welded steel frame, which makes this cage one of the best in the pet care industry. The powerful and robust design can prevent any pets from escaping, which is our number one concern.

It is ideal for outdoor spaces, such as yards, and gardens. While it’s possible to install this model in your home, it takes too much space. However, if you have a big enough house, go for it.

The steel welded wire panels enable your pet visual contact with the environment. The smaller cages don’t always provide enough airflow, but that’s not the case with this model. Besides getting enough indoor space, your pet will be able to feel comfortable and happy inside.

He can turn, jump and even run, which is a rare case with enclosures nowadays.

An advanced locking mechanism is another excellent feature this product offers. An innovative door hinge is constructed to stay in place even with the frequent use. In this case, your pooch will be safely contained inside, and you can choose the padlock based on your preferences.

You don’t have to rely on the manufacturer’s choice, you can purchase a lock that will secure your canine, so he can’t escape.

The waterproof cover gives your four-legged friend full protection from sun, rain, or snow. But only expose your dog to mild weather elements because the cage won’t shield him from harsh weather conditions.

Dog in Lucky Dog Uptown

Is it easy to assemble?

The enclosure requires minimal attention, and it’s quite easy to set up. No tools are necessary and it surprisingly quick and simple to construct. Considering it is made of panels, you just have to clamp them together. You will need a couple of minutes to complete the entire process and provide your dog plenty of room to play and have fun.

If you were to purchase the second crate, then the generous dimensions can be extended to create even a larger cage.


The Lucky Dog Uptown model is a high-end unit at a reasonable price. Featuring a lot of powerful options, it offers your pooch the best housing conditions. The kennel is designed for outdoor use, which gives your pet enough room to play and making it an excellent value for the money you paid.