MidWest iCrate for Dogs Review

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Do you need a reliable and sturdy enclosure to secure your pet? Do you know which one to buy? Among so many manufacturers on the market, it has become challenging to find a right brand for your dog. They all promise remarkable features, but only a few of them actually deliver the appropriate results.

Before embarking on this journey, you should check the reputation of the brand. In case of Midwest, the company has been operating since 1921, and for decades they have been leaders in pet care industry.

Whether you are keeping small or large canine, look no further because we may have found a perfect product for your furry companion. Midwest iCrates offer excellent design, fantastic performance and are best for small pups. Also, they are friendly to your pocketbook and this way they have managed to earn the loyalty of many pooch owners.

The features you might like:

The crate is foldable – this feature is essential for many pet parents. We all require a user-friendly cage which is accessible to transport and store. Now, you can bring your pooch anywhere you go, and crate won’t be a burden.

Plastic trey – how many times have you cleaned the mess your pup has made? Over the time, those types of accidents will happen, but with the help of a plastic tray, you can comfortably maintain the hygiene.

Wires offer ventilation – the enclosure is made of wires which provide your pooch with the fresh air. It’s crucial to keep your pup in space which is airy and breathable.

The features you might not like:

Corrosion – even though the Midwest iCreate is marketed as corrosion-free, if you keep it too long outside, it might develop a couple of corrosive patches over the time. However, corrosion shouldn’t affect the sturdiness of the crate because it’ll be strong enough to contain any breed.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

They are made of electro-coated wire which provides a very inform finish, with excellent coverage and ability to resist corrosion.

The new living conditions may evoke strange emotions in dogs. Some of them can get depressed, others aggressive, but, as a caregiver, you should provide them with the best conditions to overcome this transition period. So, whether your dog tries to escape, or chew the wire, getting out is practically impossible.

The wire is resilient enough to fight even the most aggressive attacks. It will keep your pet tight and secured, while you are away.

We should mention that this type is ideals for housetraining, or if you have a canine with a mild temperament. Due to its light nature, it’s excellent for traveling. Considering its made of wire mesh, all panels are connected, making this enclosure easy to set up.

Midwest iCrate Single Door-Construction

The dividing panel comes with the product, in this case, your pup will have enough room to play. You can adjust the size of the kennel according to your pup’s size and enable him to grow within the cage. This way, you will require only one enclosure for the entire life of your furry friend.

The pet parents can select between two versions of Midwest iCrate, single and double door. While with one entry you are forced to place a cage in a manner that the end entrance is accessible, with two doors that’s not the case. This works great for people who want to save on space, especially if you have a huge crate.

The wiring spacing is done quite closely, which means your canine is secure inside and he won’t hurt his paws. It also includes handles for easy transportation.

Weights & Dimensions

For safety purposes, the manufacturer recommends removing your pet’s collar, harness or leash, before placing him inside. You should supervise your four-legged friend during the first few days of crate training to ensure he is adapting well to his new home.

SizeDimensions (Inch)Pet Weight
22-INCH22 x 13 x 16up to 12 poundsPomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier
24-INCH24 x 18 x 1911 to 25 poundsPugs and Shih Tzu
30-INCH30 x 19 x 2126 to 40 poundsShetland Sheepdog and Dachshund
36-INCH36 x 23 x 2541 to 70 poundsBeagle and Bulldog
42-INCH42 x 28 x 3071 to 90 poundsBoxers and Labrador Retrievers
48-INCH48 x 30 x 3391 to 110 poundsGerman Shepherds, and Rottweilers

As you can see, this model come in various sizes, and you can select the one depending on the amount of space required to make your canine comfortable. To get to know what size works best for your pooch, you should measure his height, weight, length, and width.

An appropriate enclosure should have the ability to hold your dog’s weight without falling apart. Your four-legged friend should be able to turn, stretch and move inside the cage comfortably, without hitting the sides or disrupting the construction.

two dogs in two different Midwest iCrate Single Door


Primary MaterialMetal
Primary Material DetailsSteel
Hardware MaterialIron
Ventilation WindowsNo
Frame StructureHard-Sided
Closure TypeCrate
Roof IncludedYes
Door IncludedYes
Wheels IncludedNo
Handles IncludedYes
Slide-out Tray IncludedYes
Mat/Pad IncludedNo
LocationIndoor/Outdoor use

This model offers numerous benefits to pet owners, and if you want to invest your money in something that will last you for ages, then we suggest the Midwest iCrate. It will offer you great value for the money you are paying.

We would like to point out a couple of crucial features which justify this purchase. It is made of mesh wire which enables the escape and still provides enough airflow. If you are dealing with anxious or energetic dogs, it’s essential to put them in space which will allow them visual contact with the environment.

In this way, he won’t feel suffocated or alone because someone will always be close to him.

Another benefit of this model is a plastic pan, which you can take out for easy cleaning. If your pooch isn’t potty trained, then plastic trey facilitates the cleaning process.

The security mechanism this enclosure has will disable any escape attempts. The latch system used in locking is quite simple to use, but also very challenging for a pooch to open. With the rounded corners, no harm comes to you or your dog during the stay.

The dividing panel makes sure your furry friend has enough space for basic needs. If your pet needs more space to play check some of these playpens. You can buy one kennel and use it as long as needed because you can adjust its size. In this case, your dog can grow within this model, and you don’t have to bother buying another one. Overall, it’s an excellent investment for first-time pet parents.

black dog in Midwest iCrate Single Door

Is it easy to assemble?

The assembling process is quite easy; it will require a couple of minutes to connect the panels without using any tools. The same goes when you need to break it down. These features make it excellent for traveling and transportation.

You should be able to load it into your car with a few simple moves (you can see more about dog cages for car travel here). This is one of the reasons why many pup owners love this enclosure.


If you require a product that is lightweight, affordable and easy to clean, then Midwest iCrate is an ideal solution, and it will match all your requirements.

Regardless of the breed, you are keeping; this model will provide you with durability, stability and excellent performance.

Offering your dog these benefits should be imperative when you are choosing the enclosure. So make sure to give your friend the best he deserves.