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Angie Hill – Editor in Chief

Hello, fellow dog lovers! My name is Angie Hill, and I’m a dog lover and a professional writer based in Atlanta, GA. I work at the Woof Dog as an Editor-in-Chief, and my primary goal is to bring you advice on how to properly care for your beloved, furry companions, as well as to give you guides and tips on dog supplies and canine nutrition through interviews, collaborations, and editorials.

I own two dogs – a Labrador called Nora and a boxer called Ernie. My favorite activity is to spend time with them in the beautiful nature of Atlanta, exploring, hiking, and swimming, and I always tend to keep my boys as happy and healthy as possible. That’s exactly why I always do an extensive research for all of my articles – since they’re useful for me, I want to share them with the rest of the dog lovers.

Angie taking a dog from our shelter for a walk
Angie taking a dog from our shelter for a walk

I’m not the only writer here at the Woof Dog. There’s many of us here – from the professional dog trainers and veterinarians, all the way to dog enthusiasts and the avid animal lovers – all of us are very serious about our work. If you’d like to know a bit more about our writers, scroll down – and here comes story:

When I was a little kid, I was always surrounded by dogs – my family had a lot of them, and that’s why I decided to carry on with the tradition and also raise my own family with the pets. I rescued my first Labrador when I was 16, which was the main reason for me falling in love with this breed. Over the years, I learned a lot about Labradors, and especially about their health issues. Having these dogs with various heart conditions and skin allergies is what encouraged me to find out about the best ways to care for the pets – in my opinion, a dog needs to be as healthy as possible.

For the past decade, I have learned how to properly care for dogs, and know how to find the best advice on these topics and share it with the fellow dog lovers. This, of course, includes everything about the dog supplies, since I understand that many owners are very careful about what they’re going to feed their pets with. I always tend to find the safest and the healthiest options for my own dogs, and I want to share this helpful information with the Woof Dog readers.

Professional writing has been my primary job for the bigger part of the past decade, and I’ve spent at least half of that time writing exclusively about dogs. I’ve done loads of interviews with many pet professionals, learning tips and tricks about dog grooming and nutrition from them, and I have also reviewed dozens of dog-related products, sharing my opinion on them with both the readers the other professional writers.

To sum things up, I have to say that I’m really grateful to give my help to dog-loving visitors of the Woof Dog. If you’d like to discuss a certain topic with me or share your opinion, leave a comment or contact me through one of our social media channels. You can also send me an email.