Top 5 Adventures to Do Outside with Your Dog

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Every caring dog parent wants his beloved pet to stay happy, healthy, and, if possible, out of mischief. If you’re an owner of a pooch that’s old, stricken with hip dysplasia or arthritis, or he’s merely out of condition, you’ll have to talk with your veterinarian about how much exercise is right for him.

Our advice would be to start slowly and never forget to give your pup a couple of breaks for hydration. A great thing about regular exercises is the fact that they can positively tire the pet – they stop the destructive, mischievous behavior. They also lead to the production of serotonin, which is sure to put a stop to things like depression and anxiety.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some exciting outdoor activities that you can engage in together with your pup. We’ll also analyze what kind of canine equipment you’ll need to make these adventures more fun and more productive. A word of advice, though – you should teach your dog a couple of simple commands before embarking on any of these activities. Successful compliance with commands like stay, sit, and come will make your pet immune to distractions.


Tagging along while the owner is riding a bicycle is something that many pups love. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to this – the traffic can be extremely dangerous. That’s why it’s good to know that there are various bicycle attachments that you can purchase and make these rides safer for your four-legged companion.

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Remember to avoid getting carried away during these rides, though. You’ll have to stop for breathers from time to time, and avoid going too far or too fast. Don’t forget that the dogs give their best to keep up with you, so it’s pretty easy for them to faint or even die from exhaustion or heatstroke. They can’t stand temperatures that we find to be so pleasant!

Let’s have a look at some equipment that will make bicycle adventures safer and more comfortable for your pooch:

  • Bike Trailers

The bicycle trailers are a perfect solution for the owners of old or ill pups – you can simply attach it to the back of your bike and still provide your canine companion with an outdoor adventure! One can also use it to transport his pooch back to the house once he gets tired of tagging along. It is a very convenient piece of canine equipment, and it’s pretty easy to see why these types of trailers are getting more and more popular with each passing year. Check out our selection of the best dog bike trailers for 2018 and find one for your beloved Buster.

  • Bike Leash

A dog bike leash, on the other hand, is yet another way to make the dog’s biking adventures a lot safer. These things can be attached to various parts of the bicycle and allow the pup to stay by your side while you’re cycling. It’s an excellent option for the owners of canines who get easily distracted or just don’t want to keep up with the owner.


Camping is an activity that’s more fun when you bring your canine companion along. They love the Great Outdoors, and they are certainly grateful to be presented with an opportunity to experience new sights and smells. However, every owner should know about some details that need to be considered before embarking on a camping adventure with his pet. Keeping the dog safe is undoubtedly the first step toward an unforgettable camping venture, so take a look at the following tips:

The Packing List

Don’t forget to pack everything your pooch will need for the trip, such as:

dog and camping

Ensure it’s a dog-friendly site

Before heading out, you’ll have to confirm that the campsite allows dogs and find out everything about the rules that apply to canines at that location. Some campgrounds don’t let pups go near lakes and beaches, while some charge a fee for each of your four-legged friends.

Closely monitor the dog around the campground

Some things around the campsite might prove to be irresistible to your Buster – such as other’s campers’ dogs and BBQ meat. Ensure that your pup is not drinking from standing water and that he’s not touching the campsite garbage cans.


The classic game of fetch is one of the best dog-related activities for the spring and summer. It’s something that brings a lot of fun and joy to both the pet and his owner – they just love catching balls or Frisbees and returning them to their loving parent!

But no matter how simple this game seems to be, it still brings some safety factors that should be considered before engaging in it. Don’t forget that the smell is your pup’s strongest sense and always get his nose involved by allowing him to smell the object before throwing it. Don’t let the dog control the intensity or the length of the game – it’s you who should be in charge of the rules.

dog with a ball in mount

If your pooch is easily distracted by things like new scents or nearby squirrels, you’ll have to find an enclosed area to play fetch with him. Make sure that he’s wearing his identification and provide him with access to fresh water and allow frequent breaks.

  • Ball Throwing Toys

A good idea would be to put a twist on this activity by introducing your pup to a ball tossing machine. These are battery or AC-operated machines that automatize the game of fetch by shooting the balls across one’s backyard.  The newer models are pretty elaborate and come with settings and options that allow things like setting how far would you like the ball to be tossed away.

These launchers come with a load of benefits – they have a positive effect on the pup’s muscles, heart, motoric, and the coordination. They also prevent the dogs from getting bored when the owner is not around – check out our selection of the best ball tossing machines and get one for your pooch!


Swimming is yet another excellent exercise for your canine companion. The best thing about it is that it’s low-impact and therefore doesn’t put a lot of stress on the joints of arthritic or older dogs, but still has a positive effect on the muscles at the same time. Even though not all canines are natural swimmers, most of them can quickly learn to find joy in swimming.

It’s entirely okay for these animals to swim in chlorinated pools – one only has to make sure that the pup is supervised while doing so. The chlorine might have an adverse effect on the dog’s fur (like it has on the owner’s hair), but it’s easy to bathe the pooch afterward. Furthermore, it won’t hurt the dog to accidentally drink some of this water, as it was designed to be safe for the kids who accidentally swallow some of it while swimming.

two dogs swimming

The ocean, however, is an entirely different matter – we advise against allowing the canines to swim in it. It’s full of things like riptides, jellyfish, and sharks – pools and lakes are, simply, far safer options.

  • Pet Life Vest

To prevent the water-related disasters and emergencies from catching you unprepared, it would be a good idea to invest in a quality pet life preserver. These safety vests can be life-saving if your pet isn’t exactly an excellent swimmer, and they’re also quite helpful when it comes to teaching pups how to swim.

With dozens of different vests on the market, selecting one that’s worth the money can be pretty challenging – let us help you with our assortment of the best pet life preserver for dogs in 2018!


If you’re both a pooch owner and a hiker, you and your four-legged companion are destined to become great hiking buddies. In that case, it’s important to remember that a dog as a hiking companion is someone who needs special care – consider the advice below before both of you head out on a great adventure:

  • Preparation

Before you even think to go hiking with your pooch, consult with the vet if the dog is in the right condition for such an activity. Brush up on hiking etiquette and obedience training, build up the pup’s stamina and pick an appropriate trail.

two dogs and a man
  • The Gear

You don’t have to carry everything on your back – purchase a dog pack and let the dog share some load. Don’t forget to buy a special first-aid kit and a roomier tent.

  • Food and Water

This is of crucial importance when it comes to long trips. Your pooch will need a lot of fuel – provide him with frequent snacks and hydration breaks.

  • The Trail Hazards

While hiking, closely monitors how your furry friend is responding to heat, creatures, and plants. Bring a leash if he’s easily distracted by new scents and animals.

There’s an abundance of different outdoor activities you could engage in with your dog – we covered just the most popular ones. Don’t forget to keep your pup safe, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time together!


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