Can Dog Cages Be Dangerous?

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When the pet enclosure first appeared on the market, many owners thought that they were a horrible idea. “Imprisoning a dog in a crate? I’d never do that!” However, it turned out that these products can actually be quite useful, and, when used properly, bring a myriad of benefits for both the canines and their owners.

Of course, these things are not perfect, and like everything else, they come with their own set of disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at both the good and the bad side of owning one:

The Advantages:

  • Owning a quality kennel allows the owner to enjoy a peace of mind when leaving his furry friend home alone. The pooch will be comfortable and protected, and none of the furniture will get damaged during the owner’s absence.
  • Using the cage for in-house training brings several benefits in itself – such as preventing night-time incidents, establishing a regular routine for outdoor defecation, as well as encouraging control.
  • A good enclosure effectively confines the pup during mealtimes or when the owner is having guests. It’s also a great place for the pup to retreat to when he’s stressed out.
  • It’s the perfect solution for the traveling dog owners (make sure you choose correct enclosure for air travel). Not only does an enclosure allow easy transportation of the pooch, but it also provides him with a well-known and safe space no matter where he is.
  • Homeowners with backyards can purchase special outdoor crates, as well as playpens. These products are a lot more durable and are ideal for larger breeds.

The Disadvantages:

  • In some cases, they can be dangerous and cause physical harm to your pooch – more on that later.
  • They can cause emotional distress and frustration. Just like people, canines do not like being confined, and it can take some time for them to get used to it. When not used properly, a kennel can increase the feeling of isolation and cause the pooch to whine or become depressed. For these dogs, you can choose a suitable anti-anxiety model.
  • Depending on the material, some models can trap odors. Cleaning can be really difficult, which is why it’s vital to maintain the hygiene of your furry friend and give him regular baths with right shampoo.
  • The owner’s carelessness can pose serious dangers. The kennel needs to be of the right size and well-ventilated if you want your four-legged friend to stay healthy and happy.
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The Potential Dangers

If a pup that’s enclosed begins to panic, he will fight to free himself. The pooch won’t understand that can seriously hurt himself while doing so – he will just want to get out of the kennel in any way possible. The metal wire models are especially dangerous in these kinds of situations. Let’s have a look at a couple of potential injuries that can happen to dogs enclosed in such kennels:

  • The collar

Putting the pup inside the cage with his collar on is a tragedy waiting to happen. These things can easily get caught in the metal wires of the enclosure and seriously injure the pup’s neck, or even strangle him.

  • Broken nails

As you can already guess, the metal wires of wire models can easily cause broken nails when the pup missteps while going in or out of the container. This causes a lot of pain and can lead to heavy bleeding. In case this happens to your dog, you will have to take him to the vet immediately – the vet might even have to cauterize the pet’s nail.

  • Pointy wires

Broken wires need to be fixed immediately – they are a grave threat and can easily claim your pet’s life. In case more than just one wire gets broken, replacing the whole kennel is probably the best idea.

  • Paws getting stuck between the wires

Dogs trying to escape their enclosure will try everything they can, and that includes pushing the paws through the openings on the crate. Obviously, this can lead to swallowed limbs and broken bones.


Fortunately, there are a couple of methods that you try out if you’d like to remove the threat of your pet getting hurt by the cage. Some of them are:

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  • Training

Picking the right style and size of a container for your four-legged friend isn’t enough – training him to utilize it correctly is just as important. Getting the pet used to be inside of his kennel is of crucial importance, as the dog should never see his cage as a prison.

Most of the injuries we’ve mentioned take place during escape attempts, which is not something that can occur with a well-trained pooch that knows his place and has a proper feeding, bathing, and walking schedule.

  • Soft-sided for calmer breeds

If you’d like to prevent your calm pooch from hurting himself while he’s inside the box, purchasing a soft-sided model is your best choice. As the name suggests, these enclosures are made of soft, mesh-like materials and have interiors that provide comfort and warmth. There are no parts and sections that can hurt the pooch, while the overall weakness of the structure won’t present a problem since your pet is calm and not an escape artist.

  • Indestructible for Aggressive Dogs

If you’re an owner of a dog who is big, strong, and aggressive, an indestructible model is the one you should go for. These kennels are manufactured from sturdy materials and are made in a way that prevents the dog from escaping while not hurting him in any way. The best models come with anti-corrosion coating and are weather-resistant, allowing owners to place them outside.

  • Crash Test Certified Models

Traveling by car puts both the driver and his pet into potential danger. Using a container that is not crash-test certified may lead to injuries and death of your pet in case of a crash. Certified models, on the other hand, are very safe and just might save your dog’s life in an accident.

The dangers of cages are, actually, quite easy to avoid – a properly trained dog will never try to escape out of his enclosure and won’t ever find himself in a situation that could lead to an injury. Moreover, don’t forget to repair or replace the kennel if any part of it is broken, and always use crash-test certified models when traveling by car.