5 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Make Wonderful Pets

Pit Bulls are Wonderful Pets

Let’s face it; Pit Bulls have a bad reputation especially from those who don’t know a lot about the breed. Any responsible dog owner who has ever owned a Pit Bull knows that this is far from the truth. The fact is, Pit Bulls make wonderful pets and have better temperaments than many of the more common breeds of dogs.

Unfortunately, those people who don’t have a proper understanding of the breed spread fear of Pit Bulls by believing what the media reports about them without learning the facts. Pit Bulls are not cold blooded aggressive killers, in fact, they are quite the opposite.

Pit Bull Running Through Grass

In temperament tests performed by the American Temperament Test Society, 86.4% of the Pit Bulls tested passed the temperament tests. Compare this to the Beagle who scored 80.6% and the Chihuahua who only scored 70.4% on the temperament test. Although Pit Bulls may be dog aggressive, this problem can be nipped in the bud with early socialization. What this character test means is that Pit Bulls are less likely to be aggressive than several of the more popular breeds.

Pit Bulls are highly intelligent dogs. They are easy to train, and their main goal in life is to make their master happy. They strive to follow commands and do what they are told to receive approvement from their owner. They can be trained to do all sorts of commands and tricks, all they need is some extra love from their master to let them know that they are doing a great job. Once trained, they will most likely also listen to the children in the home who give them the same commands.

Pit Bull dogs and children

They love people! Pit Bulls are very people friendly animals despite what you may hear on the news. They enjoy meeting new people everywhere, especially children. When meeting new people, a Pit Bull may wag their tail, lick, and possibly even sit on them if given a chance. They enjoy making new friends and playmates.

They make great cuddle buddies! Because Pit Bulls love their humans so much, they want to be near them as much as possible. They may cuddle with you, sleep on you, and even try to sit on your lap while giving non-stop pibble kisses. For this reason, they make great companions for their human counterparts and it’s easy to develop a special bond with a Pit Bull.

They are good with children. As I stated above, Pit Bulls especially love children. In case you have children in your home, a Pit Bulls will be extremely tolerant of them. Of course, as a parent, you should teach your child how to treat and approach any dog. However, Pits are especially tolerant of being poked, pulled and sat on by young children. Years ago, Pit Bulls were raised as nanny dogs to look over the children in the family and keep them safe. If you have children in your home, you may notice that your pit bull will stand guard over them if they are outside playing or by laying them at night time.

Like all breeds, their personality is highly dependent on how they are raised. If a pit is raised to be protective and to show dominance, that is exactly what he is going to do. If he is raised this way, he may be aggressive to both people and animals. If he is posed in a loving and caring environment, he will learn to love and respect human beings.

pit bull running on snow

Pit Bulls are extremely strong, so before getting a Pit Bull, you should learn proper training techniques and socialization skills. Do some research and learn about the breed to better understand their behaviors before bringing on into your home. Be proactive in early socialization skills and training of your new Pit Bull. Early socialization is a key component in keeping your dog from being aggressive with other animals and/or strangers.

Unfortunately, many cities still have bans on Pit Bulls and any Bully breed. Before getting a Pit Bull as a pet be sure to find out what your local laws are. Some cities ban them completely while other cities may require them to be muzzled any time they are outdoors and to have them covered by insurance.

Pit Bulls can bring a lifetime of laughter and love into your home. Their intelligence and friendly nature will make them the perfect new addition to your family and home.


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