Help us Start and Fund More Pet Rescue Centers

Woof Dog wants to help build more rescue centers and to help existing ones with funding problems to increase the quality of life for our furry friends.

We can’t do it alone. Thanks so much for checking this page out.

Your support means a lot!


Pet Rescue Centers Cause

Our Principles

  • Fundraising will be done through transparent 3rd party platforms such as Classy, Crowdrise or GoFundMe.
  • All funds raised on these platforms will be transferred to an organization of YOUR choice.
  • 20% of our income will go toward starting and funding rescue centers across the United States and hopefully the world.
  • Apart from general monetary help, we plan to donate food, toys, and supplies to struggling rescue centers.
  • We aim to increase awareness of how important these rescues are and to encourage more people to adopt pets.
  • We are not looking for financial aid only, your kind support is welcome in any form, even if it’s an email saying “go for it!” or sharing with your friends.

The Plan

Before we start anything serious we need to make sure enough people are on board. It doesn’t matter if you plan to donate or not, your support is more than enough!

Here is a detailed plan of action.

    • Create a planDone
    • Create the Facebook PageDone
    • Get 10000 Supporters on our Facebook Page
  • Connect with at least 10 influencers willing to support our cause and spread the word
  • Find a person with experience starting, running and maintaining a successful dog rescue
  • Find a person with fundraising experience (Optional but helpful)
  • Start the fundraising campaign
  • Buy Food and Supplies for Five Rescues of your choice (voted by our community members)
  • Fund new rescues every three months or every month if we can get enough supporters
  • Start a new pet rescue center in location of choice picked by the community (Long Term)

How to support this cause?

1.Share the love with your friends


2.Embed our supporter badge on your blog or website and let us know so we can return the favor and thank you on social media.

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3. Introduce us to your friends and bloggers who love pets. We are always looking to meet new people and make new connections.

Thanks for your support!