Which Type of Toy is Right for Your Pooch?

The Puppy Is Playing With The Rope

One of the best things that come with owning a dog is the fact that these animals really like to play. For the owners, choosing a perfect toy for his beloved pooch is an integral part of the relationship. Whether we’re talking about simple chewing toys or balls for the game of fetch, toys are crucial to the well-being of your canine friend.

However, selecting the proper toys could prove to be a real challenge, particularly with so many different options on today’s market. Have no worries – we’re here to help you with our list of the most popular types. Read on!

Chew Toys for Dogs

We all know that dogs like to chew everything – anything can quickly become your pet’s favorite chew toy. Nevertheless, some toys have been manufactured just for this purpose, and are intended for those canines that just can’t stop chewing things like your shoes and Retriever Puppies That Will Melt Your Heartother inappropriate items.

The chew toys are typically made out of hard materials – such as nylon or hard rubber. They are built to last and don’t pose a threat to the dental health of your pet. If you have a small puppy, however, don’t let him play with such toys while he’s in the teething phase. Recommended for PuppiesBest Teething Chewing Toys. Furthermore, try to find chew toys made by reputable companies – cheap ones tend to break into small pieces and thus become a serious choking hazard.

If you have a Pit Bull, check out our list of the top 5 best indestructible toys for the dogs of this breed.

Toys for Stuffing

Some of these chew toys that we’ve mentioned come with an added functionality – they can be stuffed with your pet’s favorite treats! As you can already guess, this is bound to provide your four-legged friend with long-lasting entertainment, since he’ll be able to get to the treats only by consistent chewing.

In our opinion, one of the best foods for this type of a dog toy is the peanut butter. Almost all dogs like it, and it functions as an excellent reward for hours of chewing. However, one shouldn’t give too much of this treat to his furry companion – peanut butter is high in sugar and contains some harmful fats, as well as the dangerous Aflatoxins.  Like with all other types of food, the key is in moderation.

Another thing we have to mention here is that toys stuffed with treats are great when it comes to the game of fetch. Stuff them with healthy, fresh treats and fetch is bound to become Buster’s favorite game.

Tug (Rope) Toys

Almost every dog likes playing the good old game of tug-of-war with his owner. Even though some people warn that this game can lead to the dog becoming aggressive, this won’t be an issue if your pooch is trained correctly.

One of the most important things about these toys is making sure that your furry friend doesn’t tear them into pieces. Due to the fact that these ropes are typically made out of materials such as linen and leather, it is of paramount importance to have them replaced as soon as you notice missing pieces or any damage caused by shredding.

Another important thing is to avoid being aggressive when playing tug-of-war with your pup. Don’t try to pull the rope out of his mouth – he won’t let you, and that could lead to serious dental problems. One needs to teach his dog commands like “release” or “drop it” if he wants the pet to let go of the rope – it’s the only proper way to do it.

And one more thing – even though canines have very strong jaws, don’t try to pull the rope up and get the pup’s feet off the ground in that way. This is guaranteed to lead to many neck, spine, and jaw issues, and you certainly don’t want that for your beloved Buster.


Balls made for the dogs to play with them come in a variety of sizes and can be made out of lots of different materials. There are plush balls, squeaker balls, foam balls, rubber balls, as well as the simple tennis balls. Some can float in water, and some can glow in the dark, but all of them bounce and are sure to keep your canine companion engaged.

As you can already guess, balls are the perfect toys for active dogs. If you’re an owner of a canine who is never in one place and is always running and jumping around, consider getting a quality dog ball toy for him. A ball will also allow you to play the game of fetch with him – it’s the most favorite game of many dogs around the world.

If you, however, aren’t that much into playing fetch, consider getting a ball thrower for your dog – this device will do the job for you. As the name suggests, a ball thrower is capable of launching balls dozens of yards away, allowing your pooch to have loads of fun when you’re not around. Once the dog picks the ball up, he just has to carry it back and put it into a special funnel or a hole on the machine, and the device while fire it away again.


When buying bone toys for your pooch, try to get one that can’t fit wholly in his mouth, and don’t forget to throw it away once it starts to wear down. Fortunately, today’s market offers a wide array of different types of dog bone toys – there are plastic, rubber, nylon, natural, rawhide, edible, and many other kinds of toy bones.

As you can see, some of these come with flavorings that add some extra appeal. Try to obtain one that matches your pup’s chewing habits.

The Bottom Line

Today’s market offers a variety of different dog toys – the choice is simply overwhelming. We hope that this guide will be of some help to you and that it will assist you in finding the right toy for your beloved four-legged companion. Good luck!


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