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We tested and reviewed all kinds of Puppy Products, Apparel & Accessories so you don’t have to bother

best dog supplies reviewed

 Choosing good pet products is never an easy task. Here you can find answers to all your questions with expert reviewed puppy supplies and accessories.
We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions or if you have any product in mind that should be included in this section.  

Labrador in one our top pet kennel picks - featured image

Our 11 Highest Rated Dog Kennels, Cages and Crates Overall

Are you a traveling dog owner? Or are you, perhaps, looking for a permanent-bed option for your furry friend? Either way, a quality dog...
Featured image for top rated outdoor kennels

Our 7 Highest Rated Outdoor Kennels For Dogs

Would you like to provide your four-legged companion with an access to sunshine and fresh air without having to constantly supervise him? Don't like...
featured image for the top-rated puppy exercise pens

7 Highest Rated Dog and Puppy Playpens (X Pens)

Is your pooch prone to destroying your carefully manicured landscaping? Does he always create all sorts of problems in your yard? Consider getting an...
Featured image for the article: Escape Proof Crates for Dogs

Top 5 Highest Rated Indestructible and Escape Proof Dog Cages

What makes a great "no escape" kennel your pets will love and that won't make them suffer from unnecessary anxiety?It needs to be strong, durable...
beautiful puppy sleeping in a basket

Why Should You Buy a Dog Bed?

Just like us, our canine companions also love good, comfortable beds. Does your beloved Buster love to take a nap on your furniture? If...
Golden Retriever RunningThrough A Fence

Top Tips for Training Your Dog to New Containment System

When it comes to the success or failure of every electric dog fence, the most critical element to it is the proper dog training....

Invisible Fences for Dogs – Pros & Cons

As you probably already know, having a wireless pet fence is one of the most effective ways to keep your canine friend safe and...
Electronic Dog Collars

Are Shock Collars For Dogs Cruel?

Whether you're planning to purchase a remote training collar, a bark collar, or the dog containment system which sends electrical impulses through the collar,...
Dog Surrounded By Flowers

How Much Does a Wireless Invisible Fence Cost?

Since it is "invisible," an electric dog fence is an excellent way for keeping the pets safe in the yard while still maintaining the...

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